Friday, 27 March 2009

A Bloody day to Remember

Today while i went through all my old posts in My Friendster's Blog..I saw this and decided to Re post it to here..

The Best day of my life

U think this is a pathetic Suicide?Well , Im too chicken to do that...

This incident happen 2 years ago when i moved out to stay with Gino ..So we rent this place somewhere in PJ Sec 17 ..If u really know me..You'd know i'm Careless, clumsy and in malay the perfect word to describe me is - Kelam Kabut..

One fine day..while the fucking sun is shining , and i was so happy cause i'm going over to my mum's place to overnight ..Since Gino went back to Penang and my housemates Aubrey & David went back to Malacca..I don't wana rot myself to death alone. While im about to leave the house , the stupid landlord chatted with me. To avoid further conversation with her..I rushed out and without realising that the sliding glass door was closed..Well i thought i was open.. i guess i cant really see cause the housekeeper just wiped it crystal clear ! I walk into the glass door like an ass ..Breaking the whole damn thing.The next thing i know i stood there in shock looking at the shattered glass and lets save the best for last..My landlord was like ' Aiyoyo Jasmine , u look at your hand' and my knees went weak when i see that i had cuts all over my right hand and 2 deep cuts..Blood is oozing out dripping all over the floor..i was thinking WHAT THE FUCK !!!....

So she acted smart and tries to stop the blood by pressing lots and lots of cotton on it..I called Gino and told him..he must have think i went crazy that time cause i'm laughing about it..15 minutes later my hand is still bleeding..So they say i need to go hospital to make it stop ..And the landlord and her husband is like 70 no way they can drive..Cut the story short someone fetch me to PPUM and i was admitted into TRAUMA dan KECEMASAN unit..Thanks to the stupid cotton now its bloody sticked on my wounds ..And i cant even watch the whole process..I payed my price which is 12 stitches on the first cut.. and Scars for live

Oh ya did i mention about MY shoe !!!