Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Alphabeat-What is Happening

GOD , please stop me from repeating this song ! Its my current ringtone, its on my mp3 player, i listen to it like a 100 times yesterday. Im so addicted ! ! It makes me wana jump on table, kick off all the paper work and DANCE and sing out LOooooUD ! I fucking love this song ! yes I FUCKING LOVE IT ! I dont suffer from insanity , i enjoyed every second of it !

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Kindly Laugh at my Joke

My friends says im an Alcoholic and i should stop smoking that much..ITS BAD FOR ME

But u see...

Each time i ordered beer i feel miserable, should i think about my health? ..

Then i think about the people who made beer , and all its worker behind the brewery with their hopes and dreams! ...Poor guys , they put so much hard work and effort in it..And same goes to people who made tobacco..If i dont drink this beer, i feel sorry for them..What if every single drinker and smoker quits? What will happen to all these lads? They will end up jobless and broke..

Then i said to myself , I Shall not be selfish,, This world is not about me.So i say fuck it, I'll just forget bout my lungs and liver and lets drink it up and fag as much as i want..In that way im happy and they are happy..Hey i just did a good deed by making myself satisfied and helping those lads saving their jobs and LIFE

U get my point ?

If you dont then please buy yourself some Sense of Humor

of the moment : Alphabeat-What is Happening

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


No Matter What You Say , I'm Still PRETTIER THAN YOU're most welcome

Some idiot actually commented on a candid fugly photo which my bestie tagged me in Facebook...

She's like-'OH finally this is the Jasmine that i know cause previously your profile photos don't look like you at all '

FUNNY , the last time i've checked you're just a nobody back in junior high school..But Oh Kay i'm not gonna be so mean and show you my beautiful claws..

The thing is u haven't seen me in 8 years..How the hell are u gonna assume that i still look like the 15 year old me who knows nothing about make up or fashion ( but i must admit i look Ugly Betty back then , ) But hey i still have alot of friends ! And you just had your bunch of ugly geek friend

Im like totally..DUHHHHH...please think before u speak...

Plus why are u so jealous ? People changed , you changed too ..Judging from your new photos that you've just uploaded in Facebook, I Would really love to comment

''OH u look fucking great girl ! finally u paint your face with some colours,Cause u look like you're seriously ill back in school...well you know..your pale face and you dont have much to say right..cause you're just a wallpaper which nobody knows''

By the way is that your boyfriend or you dad? i heard he's a photographer right??? Whats his name again?? Oh MR AND MISS guys are a perfect match ! How COOOOL is that ..

But im not as shallow as i'll just let you be :)

of the moment : Lykke Li - I Dont Mind

Friday, 21 August 2009

Only Fools Rush In

''We can close our eyes to not see things that we don't want to see , We can shut our mouth when we don't want to say things that we don't mean , We can cover up our ear so we wont have to hear things we don't want to know..But we can't lock our hearts up from feeling feelings that we are trying so hard to not feel..''

You cursed and swear and point your middle finger when u had that feeling of your head battling with your heart, and suddenly everything in this fucking world makes no sense..You swore its not gonna happen..u try to run and hide..then out of all the people who walk in and out in your life..You see the one and only face that can tear all your logic apart

That's when u realize...


of the moment : Girl in a Coma - Ven Cerca ( on repeat like madness )

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Photo of The Day

H1N1 ?

Everyday u read about it in the paper, u watched in on news..the mamak is talking about it the mak ciks mak ciks are bragging it outside their houses..and even kids knew about it..H1n1 this..H1N1 that..its not that i'm in ignorance..but come on..Give it a little break..Yea Yea people is dying i know..

BUT the issue i wanna write is about face mask ..yea the stupid 'MASKED RIDER' trend

Last weekend while out in Midvalley Megamall , i noticed

70% of the shoppers there are wearing face masks..its like shopping in wonderland..Cause everywhere i turn there's 'Ninjas , Power Rangers and Masked riders !

1st - If you're so afraid of the virus then STAY AT HOME

Cause you guys look so stupid in it..and some went out in groups..and its like so hilarious cause you think its cool huh ?

Secondly- Why bother to make the line in the cashier longer? ( STAY AT HOME )

Please Stay at home la pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee....SO scared then dont come out! STAY AT HOME

of the moment : Get set go- I hate everyone

Friday, 14 August 2009

Little Miss Sunshine , FUCK YOU

It really gets to my nerves when i see 'retarded' people who don't act their age..People like this skipped and hopped around instead of walking..then they talked like a bloody cartoon character which i wish i could just punch them right in their ugly faces !

They talk like a 12 years old and most of their conversations are nothing but nonsense..Not forgetting they're also KIASU , posting crap in Facebook...

DUH, takut orang tak tau whats goin on in your lame life izit ? Lifeless but wana act like you're so cool , bubbly and fun...

Why dont every u post up or shout out loud to the world everytime u farted or shitted in your pants? People are intrested you know..Since you're so BLOODY CUTE ...

If people like you are naturally cute then im fine with it..But please dont act like one when you're not.It makes you look plain dumb...

But dont worry people who are equally as dumb as you will like you just the way you are..

So all of u dumb people can move to LOSERVILLE and live your bright sun shiny pathetic lives there ! Maybe there u can find houses made of gingerbread , rainbows right behind your pretty garden and people there dont have to be smart and it doesnt matter if they dont have brains ..

wait think im talking about you or your friend? Opppsss....did i just offended you ? My bad , can u make me care ?

Au revoir !

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Fascinating New Thing - Vol II

Just another typical Sunday night out with my girlfriends when my hp rang and it was an SMS from him.As usual , its all thrashing each other and endless crap talking

This is a part of it

I say
: I hate Mondays , I wish your God could just erase it

He say: Ah Monday blues, then you're gonna say u hate Tuesday to and God should erase it right..Dont be so lame la,please.

I say: Please go and suck your own short dick ! By the way i 've changed my mind .Your God
can keep Monday and ERASE YOU instead, in that way i'll love everyday

He say: LoL, God ain't that stupid my dear, God cares for your feeling, dun wancha to be sad
everyday without me, entertaining you and telling you things that people dont dare to
to tell you

I say: Yes dear, your God loves me too much so he made you as a TOY for me, but too bad
He ter-made you cacat and useless..and you're still here because i pray to him everynite
hoping that he wont Destroy you YET ! so be cocky while u can ya, clock is ticking

He say: Whateever makes you happy my dear, we all know God love smart and cute people

I say: Thanks ! I know you meant me when u said smart and cute :) One day you'll be smart
and cute too when u realize you cant talk and shit at the same time with your mouth

He say: I dont want to be cute - UGLY BUT ADORABLE ? No thanks . Keep it for yourself.I can
I can shit and talk at the same time now

I say: oh my god..How did i ever let someone as rotten as u to exist
in my life at first place

He say: Ok Ok let you win this time, dont be sad k, i scare you cant sleep , cause i want you to
sleep well

I say: Pity win ? I dont need it..I rather lose with dignity

He say: The thing is you got no Dignity

I say: I hate you , yes YOU !

He say: I know you love me , just keep the victory,You're welcome you should go and sleep
now, it's late d

and our crap talking went on and on....till he stop replying...

2 hours later he send me a text and hope that i'm asleep by then..

Actually i'm still awake that night, thinking bout things he said ...which really really makes me laugh..But then..i did not reply..because ..well..because i think i kinda like .....See obviously im delirious and there's no way im letting myself fall for him..Its ridiculous and its so not gona happen

ARGH what is this funny felling inside ?

of the moment : Lykke Li - Little Bit

Monday, 10 August 2009

Because We Are-Nice Stupid Playground

All that I know

Just because we are

Perfectly friends

Friendship we hold

Yeah, we controlled the way

I’m too scared to say

Within my heart

I wished that I could feel you

To be with with you

The secret I hold

Noone will ever know

I’m thinking of you

Friendship we hold

Yeah, we’ll control the way

I’m too scared to say

Cos you don’t know

I wished that I

Could tell you

I really do

…only to myself

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


What do u have in mind when u see this picture ?

I hit the club in The Garage, Upper Penang Road last Saturday with my sisters and they're friends..So every Saturday Night , Fame has this so called sexy dance competition..or whatever shit it was..Its time for all the sluts to break loose from SlutLand and horny guys to drooooL..

So due to the lousy Deejay ( typical keling who think he's so hot ) ..he cant get enough sluts to come up to and shake their tiny boobs on the stage..If not mistaken 2 girls from the house went up..and one of them are ( THE CINA GIRL ABOVE ).. Our table were just right in front of the stage so just imagine how good the bloody view was..So she went up..( shorty, tiny boobs) and shake her stupid ass and then tries to act kinky by pulling her ultra mini beach skirt off...WELL THE SKIRT WENT OFF ALONG WITH HER BIKINI BOTTOM ...woooo hooooo

It was the most freakingly hilarious shit i've ever eye witness in a club ! Everyone is like laughing, mocking fun and of course the guys are cheering with excitement.. It was such a scene..and she had to squat down to cover her ass and pussy and fix her the string on her bottom..In a snap the lights went off and i think some people went up to help her..Arghh Just imagine the humiliation..Was it even worth it?

I was laughing all the way...Girls..tsk..Must we do this to ourselves sister? Is that unwanted attention more important than our pride and dignity?

While having lunch with my mum and her friends..I happen to sneakingly snap this photo of this wonderful old couple ( they're still holding hands ) ..Its such a bless to be able to grow old with the one u loved , I admire people who respect and value marriage..And by looking at them , it makes me think of my grandparents..How nice if God could just give them a little more time to be together.........

of the moment : Dream a little dream of me - Mamas & Papas