Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sweet Like Candy

Sorry for my lack of post, it’s just that I don't have anything inspiring to write lately , plus coming home from work I just felt exhausted, uninspired , and mentally drained
  It's good to get away from the computer for a while ..
I do not want to write just for the sake up updating my blog.
I promise I will be more committed to my blog. 

I just need some time off .. Hope you guys understand..
I will be back and I will check out all the links exchange and reply comments and drop by my new followers' page soon..

And I did not have any new outfit post , I'll just share some sweetness with my readers

I love candy stores ,
I never really fancy sweet stuff but I just like to walk in and look at all the colours , shapes and the happy faces of children

What is your favorite Candy?

Mine is Gummy Bears , red ones especially :)

Of the Moment : Brooke Fraser - Something In The Water
( this song makes me smile during a bad day )

Sunday, 17 October 2010

If I'm Ugly Then So Are YOU

Have you ever woken up and feel like smashing the mirror so you won't have to see your reflection ?
Have you ever walked with your head high just to have something to say something bad behind your back 
And made you feel like you're the ugliest creature on earth?
Have you ever starved yourself so you can live up to someone else's expectations ?
Have you thought of going under the knife so you can look like the models in magazines?
Have you ever been made fun of because of your difference ? In skin colour / weight / shape or height 

Seriously who are they to tell us what is beautiful and what is not

All of us went through that and I think it's really ugly to make others feel bad about themselves..

To all women out there ,

You are beautiful and never let anyone make you feel the opposite

Of the Moment : Sugababes - Ugly

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hello ! I am BACK

Gosh my blog has been dead for 4 days. I've just reach home yesterday. Finally i can have time to laze in front of my desktop and write a short update.

Trip back home was good. Time was not enough for me to see everyone . But i manage to meet up with one of my best guy friend Gino. He sat behind me in class when we were 18. Funny how people always say there is no way a boy and girl can remain as best friends.

Such thing does not exist , WELL HEY LOOK AT US !

We live for together for almost a year back in 2008 , and he is one the people who truly sees and accept the UGLY side of me lol . He tolerate my bad temper and of course we fight and i have said the meanest thing that i wish i could take it back. But i am just glad we can still be comfortable in our skin and yet remain the best of friends ever.

He is gonna kill me if he sees this candid shot lol

As for the outfit My dress and my first pair of Brogues ( OH YES ) are from Cotton ON
Head band from Forever 21
And bag from a local store

PS: I will check out everyone's update by tomorrow , i want to jump on my bed and sleep right now

Of the Moment :Florence and theMachine : Dog Days Are Over

Check out her new official video remake for this song , AWESOME !

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

One Last Note Before I Go

Hi girls ,  Thank u so much everyone for your advise on the DSLR . Cross fingers that i can make up my mind soon and get the perfect one. And as for the boy , i am going on a date with him next Saturday , because he has class and i have to work and despite staying in the same city his place is pretty far from mine so we don't have the chance to meet up this week. But he text me EVERYDAY , all the time which is really sweet. I am not jumping into any serious relationship yet , well we shall see how things goes. I will update everyone if i have good news lol. 

By the way this will be my last post for this week. I wont be around for 4 days. I will be out of town , and please excuse me if i am a little slow in checking your comments. I will be back by Monday ,  i know i am going to missed out a lot of blog updates during the weekend. :(
Will check out your post as soon as i am home

I will miss everyone especially all my readers ,Wait for me please !

Just a short update and some random photos i took , scroll down for magic

One last thing before i sign off ,

Sharing my new found love Coffee and a Cardigan

Love you girls , Thank for all your support and your words meant a lot to me 

Sunday, 3 October 2010

And the sweet sweet sun's comin' down hard , The sun's comin' down hard


Pinch me its October already ? Goodbye September, did anything interesting during the weekend?

I went partying with my girlfriends on Friday Night , threw up like crazy at home.
Woke up with a hang over the next morning , rush to another friend's registration of marriage then slept my whole Saturday away . It was CRAZY , by the way i met a boy in the club will tell u girls about it the next time. I can feel the tingles on my back.
Anyway I need some advise from you guys
As you see i promised myself that i will try to come up with better photos
So after months of surveying and inquiring i am planning to get a DLSR

Cropped Oversized shirt :Local Store
High Waist Grey Skirt : Cotton On
Silver Pumps : Vincci
Bag : Vintage

What do you guys think about Canon EOS - 1000D?
Or you have any recommendations for a beginner like me

Of the Moment : The Temper Trap : Fader