Thursday, 21 October 2010

Sweet Like Candy

Sorry for my lack of post, it’s just that I don't have anything inspiring to write lately , plus coming home from work I just felt exhausted, uninspired , and mentally drained
  It's good to get away from the computer for a while ..
I do not want to write just for the sake up updating my blog.
I promise I will be more committed to my blog. 

I just need some time off .. Hope you guys understand..
I will be back and I will check out all the links exchange and reply comments and drop by my new followers' page soon..

And I did not have any new outfit post , I'll just share some sweetness with my readers

I love candy stores ,
I never really fancy sweet stuff but I just like to walk in and look at all the colours , shapes and the happy faces of children

What is your favorite Candy?

Mine is Gummy Bears , red ones especially :)

Of the Moment : Brooke Fraser - Something In The Water
( this song makes me smile during a bad day )

Sunday, 17 October 2010

If I'm Ugly Then So Are YOU

Have you ever woken up and feel like smashing the mirror so you won't have to see your reflection ?
Have you ever walked with your head high just to have something to say something bad behind your back 
And made you feel like you're the ugliest creature on earth?
Have you ever starved yourself so you can live up to someone else's expectations ?
Have you thought of going under the knife so you can look like the models in magazines?
Have you ever been made fun of because of your difference ? In skin colour / weight / shape or height 

Seriously who are they to tell us what is beautiful and what is not

All of us went through that and I think it's really ugly to make others feel bad about themselves..

To all women out there ,

You are beautiful and never let anyone make you feel the opposite

Of the Moment : Sugababes - Ugly

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hello ! I am BACK

Gosh my blog has been dead for 4 days. I've just reach home yesterday. Finally i can have time to laze in front of my desktop and write a short update.

Trip back home was good. Time was not enough for me to see everyone . But i manage to meet up with one of my best guy friend Gino. He sat behind me in class when we were 18. Funny how people always say there is no way a boy and girl can remain as best friends.

Such thing does not exist , WELL HEY LOOK AT US !

We live for together for almost a year back in 2008 , and he is one the people who truly sees and accept the UGLY side of me lol . He tolerate my bad temper and of course we fight and i have said the meanest thing that i wish i could take it back. But i am just glad we can still be comfortable in our skin and yet remain the best of friends ever.

He is gonna kill me if he sees this candid shot lol

As for the outfit My dress and my first pair of Brogues ( OH YES ) are from Cotton ON
Head band from Forever 21
And bag from a local store

PS: I will check out everyone's update by tomorrow , i want to jump on my bed and sleep right now

Of the Moment :Florence and theMachine : Dog Days Are Over

Check out her new official video remake for this song , AWESOME !

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

One Last Note Before I Go

Hi girls ,  Thank u so much everyone for your advise on the DSLR . Cross fingers that i can make up my mind soon and get the perfect one. And as for the boy , i am going on a date with him next Saturday , because he has class and i have to work and despite staying in the same city his place is pretty far from mine so we don't have the chance to meet up this week. But he text me EVERYDAY , all the time which is really sweet. I am not jumping into any serious relationship yet , well we shall see how things goes. I will update everyone if i have good news lol. 

By the way this will be my last post for this week. I wont be around for 4 days. I will be out of town , and please excuse me if i am a little slow in checking your comments. I will be back by Monday ,  i know i am going to missed out a lot of blog updates during the weekend. :(
Will check out your post as soon as i am home

I will miss everyone especially all my readers ,Wait for me please !

Just a short update and some random photos i took , scroll down for magic

One last thing before i sign off ,

Sharing my new found love Coffee and a Cardigan

Love you girls , Thank for all your support and your words meant a lot to me 

Sunday, 3 October 2010

And the sweet sweet sun's comin' down hard , The sun's comin' down hard


Pinch me its October already ? Goodbye September, did anything interesting during the weekend?

I went partying with my girlfriends on Friday Night , threw up like crazy at home.
Woke up with a hang over the next morning , rush to another friend's registration of marriage then slept my whole Saturday away . It was CRAZY , by the way i met a boy in the club will tell u girls about it the next time. I can feel the tingles on my back.
Anyway I need some advise from you guys
As you see i promised myself that i will try to come up with better photos
So after months of surveying and inquiring i am planning to get a DLSR

Cropped Oversized shirt :Local Store
High Waist Grey Skirt : Cotton On
Silver Pumps : Vincci
Bag : Vintage

What do you guys think about Canon EOS - 1000D?
Or you have any recommendations for a beginner like me

Of the Moment : The Temper Trap : Fader

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Love will Tear Us Apart Again

Growing up in a broken family , i have nothing much to write about my parent's love story. I mean they had their time , people change and i still hate my dad for leaving us.

I spent most of my time with my grandparents, from sleeping in the middle of their bed with them when i am little . I am always the apple in my grandfather's eye, spoiled to death by him.

Funny people often think i uses Ithisingkarn as a glamor name , but no i did not .
Ithisingkarn is my late grandfather's name in Thai. I don't see the point of using my dad's family name when basically this person has never been there for me.

My grandfather is a Thai student from Bangkok who came to Penang Island , Malaysia to study. He came with a group of friends and they rented a room in ( now our heritage house in Penang ). My grandmother's mother was a widow with 5 children to raise. Her husband my great grandfather was a  wealthy businessmen who died at a very young age leaving her with 5 children to raise. My great grandmother work as a seamstress , all the women in my family including my grandma can work magic on the sewing machine except us ( the new generation including my mum ) .

I adores her beautiful wedding dress made of lace , someday if i ever get married i would want my dress to be exactly like hers

In my hometown Penang is where my Grandpa met my Grandma
My grandma is a beautiful yet so stubborn and head strong. 
She told us back then she have many suitors, there is one who work as a pilot, one was my Grandfather's best friend who is a rich man's son from Bangkok,and jokingly she will always say she must have been blind to choose a poor man like my Grandfather.
I love listening to her stories because back then not every girl is lucky enough to have the chance to be with someone they love. 
During her time , most of the girls are married to men they have not seen before , it was always the arranged marriage by their parents.
But back then people understand and respect the value of marriage not like the young people nowadays.

They Fell in love just like a fairy tale But God did not give them the chance to grow old together. I lost my grandfather in December 2008 , my grandma was so heart broken she passed away few months after him.....

When 2 hearts beats as one , till death do them part

Every time i see an old couple holding hands on the street, i secretly pray that my
Grandparents is in somewhere better , Together

In Loving memory 

♪ Next door there's an old man who lived to his nineties
And one day passed away in his sleep
And his wife; she stayed for a couple of days
And passed away...

i cried when i heard this song, because God knows how much it reminds me of them

Of the Moment : Ben Folds Five- The Luckiest

Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Jill of All Trades and Mistresses of None

When i was seventeen my English Teacher said ' Jasmine don't be a Jack of All Trades Master of None. Which i still think i am ..I have a gift , which is to draw , i love to draw , i wish i can work magic on a paper but sadly i cant. I am looking forward to learn everything starting from basic. 

I also wish to learn to sew , wearing clothes that i made sounds pretty awesome too me. I envy those who has so much talent to make creative DIY pieces and clothes.
I am in between size 12-14 , YES BELIEVE IT.

In Malaysia most of the clothes , design are meant size S - M , most of the stuff i like does not come in my size. Sometimes its so frustrated to walk in a store to see clothes that look like as if they were made for anorexic victims, no offends to anyone who is naturally petite and slim.

And labels or store from Overseas like Forever 21 , Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins does have my size but to be honest i find most of the stuff pretty pricey for me.

Don't even make me start with shoes , its such a pain to hunt for the perfect shoe which come in my size. 
So tell me girls , if you have the time and money what would u wish u can learn?

Here is my humble list
  • Sewing - I want to make my own dresses
  • Acoustic Guitar - For my passion for music
  • Baking - Make cakes , cupcakes , muffins and bread , the thought itself made me smile
  • French - I always find the language very sexy :)
  • Photography - Would love to know everything about manual and film cameras

    I am saving up for this baby
    , Olympus EPL-1

    Girls sorry for my lack of time spend with my blog, will drop by to say Hi to everyone soon.
    Got to rush out for my bestie's birthday dinner
    Have a happy Sunday everyone
    Can't wait to hear from you

    Of the Moment :
    The Mamas & The Papas - Dream a Little Dream of Me

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sigur Ros - Glósóli

I wanted to write a post today , but i left my hard disk with all my photos in it back in the office :(
Till then , may u feel magic in this song just like i do

So beautiful , it almost made me cry

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Au Revoir Sunday

How's everyone's weekend ?
I think i am now the happiest broke & penny less girl in town .
I kinda critically over spent this month , every where i go there is SALE sign hanging.
And me i can never resist buying stuff i don't need.
Gosh sometimes i feel that i am slowly turning into a shopaholic.

  But lucky i am not that person who is crazy about labels.
Well labels are just labels to me , honestly i am still young and underpaid so i can hardly afford it.
I don't understand people who rather starve just to wear / use expensive labels

Is it worth to go that extreme?
I have mutual friends who think that by wearing labels it makes them more superior than others.
Well to me its kind of a show off which is
Because behind all the so called glamor is a long statement of credit card bills from the bank.
AS for me
Mum says i should cut down on buying shoes and clothes as i already have ENOUGH in my closet.

But as i always say
Enough is never ENOUGH for a girl

Anyway i am pretty stuck with this song right now :)

♪ The sky is way bigger than I ever thought it could be
I really can't see where it ends
Clouds like bubbles in a sink touching my face
Makes me forget how to think

Friday, 17 September 2010

FriYAY - My Third Award from Three Awesome Writers

Hi girls , sorry i have been a little lazy to update my blog . Because spending 8 hours in the office doing paper work ,typing reports and dealing with difficult clients totally worn me out. Sometimes i wish i have nicer things to write , more interesting things which is happening in life but sadly i have none. I have tried my best to stay true to myself through my writing. 

The other day someone said i must have been so happy to gained new followers from time to be honest i know by heart who are the people who really read and loves my blog just the way it is. Its not the matter of  how many followers i have. Because a blog may have 1000 followers but if only 100 are real readers who took the time and effort to really read a post , then i really don't see the point

Anyway i am still very thankful to all those who supported me .I will try my best to reply everyone's comment sorry if i have missed out any. 

Recently i have received my very Third award from 3 wonderful writers
  1. Amber of Amber Blue Bird
  2. That's So Yesterday
  3. Tiffany of Nynga + Bear
Do Check out their blogs , you wouldn't want to miss them out
This may sound cliche' but honestly i am so happy i can jump on my desk and dance now lol
I feel loved and appreciated 

I know most of the blogs i love already received this award,
My last tagged post i have tagged 12 girl friends
So this time around i would like to share to love for the girls i missed out
Therefore i would love to pass this award to a long long list of people whom i love

Joe of Joe's Blog
Nicole of Coco Maria
Darling L of Old Words And Vanilla Tea
Krystal of Sunday Photo
Becca of Becca's Daydreams
Emma of CircusBox
Marguerite Gisele of MARGUERITEGISELE
Carina of Bad Taste Toast
Amanda Lynn of Amanda Lynn?
Rebecca of Its Cohen
Lucy of Dear Fish

P/s I was suppose to pass to 12 bloggers only but since i have received one award from 3 bloggers i figure that its oh kay to tagged more than 12 friends

Here are the rules of the award:

1) Save the image above and post it to your own blog
2) Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers
3) Link the nominees
4) Let nominees know they have won this award by commenting on their blog
5) Share the love and link to the person you received this award from.

I promise i will come out with a new list of new friends the next time i receive an award

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Come out and Play the Tagging Game

Like i say reading tagged posts is really fun because it allow the readers to know more about the writers. I am Tagged today by the beautiful Harlow Darling the writer of Elegantly Wasted. Thank you :)

The Rules are:
Post who have you this award
State 10 things you like
Pass this to 10 other bloggers you like

10 Things I 

1.Music : You'll think i am insane if u know how much i love music. I don't sing , i can't dance and the only instrument i play is a Tambourine , but i can't survive a day without music.

Can u imagine watching an empty sky with no clouds , birds or sun?
Life has less colors without music.

2.Photography :
''Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gismos. Photography is about photographers. A camera didn't make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel'' - Peter Adams

3.Food : Good food , junk food, fast food, sweat stuff , u name it I 'll eat it

4.Books : I love the smell of old books , the best thing about buying  books from a second hand store is sometimes if you are lucky u might get books that has the name or notes written in it from the old owner. That person might be dead or god knows where they are now . But the feeling of knowing we are sharing the same love for that particular book is magic.

5.My Mum :
Being raised by a single wonderful mum is the best gift of life

6.Joseph Gordon Levitt :
My God , i am shamelessly having a major crush on him.


7.Bakeries : I love to walk in a bakery and smell fresh baked bread , its delightful to look at all it too

8.Thai Food :
I simply cant get enough of it, i like everything spicy , sweet and sour

9.Clothes / Shoes & Bags : Enough is NEVER Enough

10.Languages & Culture :
I adores and wish to experience all kind of cultures of all my friends around the world.  God made everyone unique in their own ways , so Please Stop Racism today

I hereby tagged You , You &  YOU

Darling L from Old Words and Vanilla Tea
A+B in The Sea
Amber Rose from Laughing With Broken Eyes
Marisa from Shades of Monet
Amy from Forever Curiouser
Rio from Showers of Sunflowers
Amber Blue Bird
Daniela from 1st Day of Spring
Booga from Booga Zes

I Swear i have a lot more names in my mind.
I love everyone
How I wish i could tag at least 50 Writers :(

Friday, 10 September 2010

FriYAY : Eat Sleep Write Love

Today is Friday and i am not working because its a public holiday in my country.
Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends out there in Malaysia and countries all over the world
I spent half day sleeping , Finally.
Now awake with a major headache with too much sleep.
Thanks to everyone's concern in my last post, i am glad Mr Cold did come knocking.

I have reached 200 Readers today ,
I am where i am today because of all the love and support from you girls

Cast about the night with your hands
And space the space inside of our heads
And when the fighting fighter inside
With all the thrilling I hide

Of the Moment : Eisley - If You're Wondering

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Raindrops are falling on my head but that doesn't mean that i am Dead

Rain Rain Go Away , i used to love the rain especially in the afternoon , and i would sit by the window and watch the rain drops and slides down the glass , its almost like crystal fireworks. 

It was pouring so heavily earlier and my new shoe is completely soaked , I am going to bed super early today because i can sense that my immune system is failing .

Hello body prepare to be sick :(

Songs To Listen in The Rain
The songs i listed Does not have the word Rain related to it.
Its the mood , the lyrics which i can relate to , most of all the music

Anya Marina : Satellite Heart
Keren Ann : Not Going Anywhere
Fiona Apple : Across The Universe
SIA : Electric Bird
Rachael Yamagata : Elephant
Exploration : Coraline Soundtrack
Patrick Watson : The Great Escape
She & Him : Please Please Let me get what i want ( The Smith Cover)
Kings Of Convenience : Cayman Island
Damien Rice : The Blower's Daughter
Jonna Lee : Human ( The Killers Cover)
Bjork : Unravel
Pete Droge : Small Time Blues ( Almost Famous Ost )
Gary Jules : Mad Word
Air : Playground Love

Its ok to cry in the rain.. Because nobody can tell if its rain or tears

Monday, 6 September 2010

Let’s pretend we don't exist Lets pretend we're in Antartica

I never like formal clothes because i think that typical corporate look are super boring. Plus shirts and knee length skirt are so yesterday. I normally don't wear office attire like this , i wear it only one the first few day of the week because people assume that Monday should be formal attire day.

I wish i could have higher resolution photos to show the details of my outfits , please be patient. Cause i am saving money in my piggy bank to get a better camera.My outfit of the day is a one piece dress. A lot of people asked me if its two piece , the answer is no. I love the sheer fabric of the top , its very comfortable.

My hair is finally long enough to tie a bun :) 

To all those who hates Monday as much as i do , lets listen to some happy tune

♪ Let’s have bizarre celebrations
Let’s forget who forget what forget where
We’ll have bizarre celebrations
I’ll play the Satyr in Cypris you the bride being stripped bare

Let’s pretend we don’t exist

Let’s pretend we’re in Antartica

Let’s have bizarre celebrations

Lets forget when forget what forget how
We’ll have bizarre celebrations
We’ll play Tristan and Izolde but make sure I see white sails

Maybe I’ll never die

I’ll just keep growing younger with you
And you’ll grow younger too
now it seems too lovely to be true
but I know the best things always do

Of the Moment : Of Montreal - Wraith Pined to The Mist

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast


Writing about breakfast when its 2.27 in the morning is pretty bizarre.
But like seriously good breakfast makes me happy  :)
The best thing to start my day

Me and  my mum had a great time at Janis's place
Cooking together is pretty fun

Please count your blessings instead of calories
Eat , Enjoy and be Grateful

Because there are others who wish they have food on their table.
I am blessed and i pray there wont be starvation in this world

Of the Moment :  First Aid Kit - You Are Not Coming Home Tonight( their music is on heavy rotation in my player right now , beautiful songs )