Monday, 30 August 2010

Its Monday , lets make new friends

 Introducing a new friend Samantha the writer of Argyle Owl 
Another awesome blog which i would love to share with everyone. 
To start She loves everything vintage so she show people how to make vintage a modern and cutesy part of their wardrobe through her 'Style Thursday' .
She is also a cat lover and has the cutest kitten named Guacamole.

And her DIY cute stuff , you totally have to check it out, she is so creative in making handcraft. 

 She paints too ! 

Here is my little interview with the amazing girl
1.What Inspire you to start Argyle Owl? 
I decided to start Argyle Owl after reading all these inspiring blogs, fashion, art, life. It all just made me want to get out of the waiting room you know? Start something I really care for and share it with everyone possible.

2.What are u listening to right now?
Right now I'm listening to the air conditioner and I'm freezing, hahha. But I have been listening to this band called Horse Feathers, I love them! 

3.You're so talented in making craft , do share with us how can we check out your work?
Well I just made my mown shop. I'm waiting for a model so I can list my items then it should all be up and running!

Have a Happy Monday everyone , a great new start for a brand new week

Thursday, 26 August 2010

I wish you were a Stranger , I Can Disengage

I wish love is a simple as a song that ends with a happy ending like the chick flicks we watch.

Of course its not as simple that. 
We cant force people to have a change of heart , 
and loving someone does not make them loves us back.

But of cos, secretly every girl including me has a tiny hope that takes up the whole space of our heart , to wish that he at least knew.

I used to have this silly thoughts that 
if you think of someone hard enough, he might feels it and it will make him think of me too.

 I won't say i have lose all hopes when it comes to love but i've learned that if i cant get what i want , i should move on instead of asking myself What IF. 

Friends still bugs me a lot of not having a new boyfriend, I have been single for almost 3 years now and if i don't see any problem with it then i think they should just cut me some slack.

Yes there is a boy that i like , and i am of course not the one for him.

 ''Your heart will only bleed for a person whose heart beats for someone else''

I don't think i am ready to jump into relationships yet. I don't need a spark i want fireworks. 

Till the day when i finally found that person who can made my heart skipped a beat
I am Doing FINE alone. 

Of the Moment : Macy Gray - Dont Forget Me

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Look Ma , No Shoes

I used to have a thing for bright colors , so when i saw this fuchsia Somerset Bay dress on the rack , its a must get , its made of cotton so its extremely comfy , plus its on 80% sale , so i think the original price is RM100++ i cant really remember but after discount it cost less than RM20.

On Jesse , she's wearing a floral print dress that she got it for RM20 in a local mall. I like hers a lot , At first i plan to get the exact design in pink but i cant fit in cause the waist line is really small and on me the dress is way too short. I look like a giant trying to wear a 10 year old dress. So tough luck for me. But i think it fits perfectly on her as she is much skinnier than me.

I posterised the photo just for fun
The reason we are bare foot is because photos are taken in my Aunt's house .
Did you notice the chairs behind ? Its antique , its kitchen chairs from the 50's.

One last photo from the Vain J's , from left is my youngest sister Jolene , Jesse & Me

This morning while preparing to go work , i heard this catchy song playing on MTV

Of the Moment : Professor Green Feat Lily Allen - Just be  Good to Green

Monday, 23 August 2010

Goodbye Monday Blues

Hi everyone , to those who really took the time and effort to read and comment on my posts ,  i sincerely thank you and i appreciates the support and love i received from you guys.

Just a brief introduction of Tragic Fairy Tales. 
I am Jasmine, a regular girl from Malaysia who loves photography, arts , music and fashion. I started my blog back in 2007 , back then its really personal as this is the only place i can write down my thoughts , my feelings and most of all teen anger that in reality i find it hard to express to my friends and family.

Then one day i stumble upon Maria Confer from Lulu Letty and i was like Whoah this girl is amazing I want to be like her .She is my inspiration to transform my blog.

I don't write to get money for advertorials or sponsors. I write because i believe writing is a form of escape from my daily routine life. And through out blogging , i've met so many great independent writers and also made awesome friends along the way.

To be honest i felt thrilled and happy every time i see a new face in my follower column , then I  became so obsessed and i hate myself for having that feeling.

I don't want to be pretentious .So from today onwards i will write without worrying if people will comment on my updates or how many new readers i will get.  

I am now an official IFB member too :)

Last week i received my very first award from Joenna from Joe's Blog , 

She is a talented artist from Germany and also one of the most sincere friends i've made through blogging. Its worth dropping by at her page and look at her amazing paintings. Joe, Thank u so much for this.

Then i received my second award from Susuana -Susuana's Love

A sweet young girl from UK who loves photography art and animation , we both loves Studio Ghibli's work a lot  

 So as a token of appreciation to both of them and all my readers , i 've made a simple Award that i dedicate especially to Joe and Susuana and also all my readers. I know most bloggers will made of list of names that they will pass the award to . But i don't want to miss out anyone's name because i have a long long list of great writers and blogs that i love. So in order to be fair i have decided to give an award to everyone.

* drums rolling
Feel free to use it in your page because you girls deserves it

Hope everyone's Monday Blues will go away and have a great week ahead

Last but not least ,Hello Kitty rose gold rings GIVEAWAY by Lolita's Life
This is the first time i participate in give aways, cross fingers cause the bow ring is so awesome

Of the Moment : Stars - Ageless Beauty

Friday, 20 August 2010

Fri YAY : Malibu

 The last trip back my hometown.We have a new family member.
I am not sure what breed she is because my sister's friend gave her to them.

To be honest , i don't fancy having pets . 
Not because i hate animals but its because i am aware that i am not a responsible owner. 
They will be luckier to not have a owner like me.

A friend once said , once you got a pet. Its your commitment. 
I adores people who takes good care of their pets. And i respect people who picks up strays and give them a home

I used to have a mini pincher , Akasha but she died of skin disease. 
Then my friend gave ma chitzu , we name her Kiro. 
He is the cutest thing ever.
But one day he got sick , he wont eat at all.
We brought him to the Vet hoping he will be gets better.
But i woke up the next morning just to see my sister crying next to the poor thing. 
He died...

Anyways say hello to Little Malibu , my sisters named her after their fav drink Malibu Pineapple.

This will be my last update for this week. I wont be able to online during the weekends. 
So see you girls next Monday.
A big shout out to all my new readers , Thank you so much !

Happy Fri YAYS

Outfit Of the Day 
Dress : IamMe , RM30
Shoes : Cleef ,RM17.70
Ear rings : Flea Market , RM 6

Of the Moment :  Yuna - Decorate
Yuna is a talented artist from Malaysia , her acoustic music is awesome.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

You May Say I am a Dreamer


Remember back in Elementary school, our English teacher will ask us to write a short essay about ‘ Who do you want to be when your grow up’? Or normally in Malay the tittle will ‘ Apakah Cita Cita Anda’? 

Now in the real world, how many of us actually scored our dream jobs? 
Do you even remember the silly ambitions we wrote in our essay? 

I remembered mine, when I was a kid I want to be a teacher, I want to be a flight attended so I can see the world.I want to be a police women cause the tv characters look so cool chasing crooks.
Then after watching Sailormoon, I had this crazy idea that I want to be a super female hero who saves the world. 

In my teenage years, I want to be a fashion designer, a aspiring model, a graphic designer, a fashion writer
When I fell in love for the first time at 15 all I want is to be his Mrs. 
But those are dreams I buried in a bottle many many years ago. 

Like what my late grandma used to say, I am a person who loves Building Castles in the air

Now every time people ask me who do I do for a living, I wish I could answer I am a professional dreamer. Reality is I am a young adult who is working a 9-5 corporate job.
I do part time modeling sometimes when i receive offers.

Yes, Life has became a routine. 
Its exhausting at times but i will not give up my dreams.
Which is to enroll myself in art school and save up so i can backpack around the world.


Outfit Of the Day
Dress : Cotton On
Vintage inspired Bag : Flea market

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life

Of the Moment : Beatles - Black Bird

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The J's came out to play

I can never say NO to french fries, i mean i know fast food is bad for me but i cant resist it.
I live to eat not eat to live which explains all this excess weight.


Fun time chilling at MC Donald's  with my sisters.
This is my youngest sister Jolene , she's gonna kill me if she knew i candid her 

All 3 of us love burgers and fries A Lot

Ha ha i don't know why but i love to do this silly pose , its like 
fries + vampire fangs + silliness = my lame pose

Miss them loads , Jesse and Jolene are twins by the way.
Both in their first year Art Foundation, next year they will major in fashion design.

I cannot emphasise enough that my body
Is a badly designed, poorly put together vessel,
Harbouring these diminishing, so-called 'vital organs'
Hope my heart goes first,

  Of the Moment : Los Campesinos ! - We are Beautiful We Are Doomed

Monday, 16 August 2010

Songs For Amber

Say hello to my new friend Amber the beautiful writer of Laughing With Broken Eyes ,
do check her page out if you have not stumble into her blog yet.

She’s one of the nicest writer I’ve met and I simply adore her blog. And since both of us shares the same passion for music. I’ve compiled some songs that I really really like and dedicate it to her . 
Dear Amber , you're a beautiful person with a great heart , don't stop chasing your dreams

1.The Arcade Fire : Wake Up
2 .Couer De Pirate : Comme Des Enfants
3 Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance
4.Sigur Ros : Goobledigook
5.The Owls : Air
6.John Lennon : Watching The Wheels
7.Travis : Flowers in the window
8.Karen O and the Kids : All is Love
9.Stars  : Calender Girl
10.Jem : Its Amazing
11.Joni Mitchell : The Circle Game 
 12.Regina Spektor : Music Box
13.Passion Pit : Dreams ( The Cranberries cover )
14.Postal Service : Such Great Heights
15.Sweet Child O Mine : Taken By Trees

 What is everyone's favorite track of the moment? 
Fly me paper aeroplanes to tell me ya 

Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday the 13th

Anyone realize that today is Friday the 13th ? For me i am just happy it FriYAY.
It will be a busy weekend as i am finally moving into my new house. Still have a lot of packing to do.Mum jokingly says that i can open a thrift store will all my clothes and shoes.

Need to get rid of a lot of old clothes , so everything will go to charity.

I am sure there are people who needs it more than me.

 And also shoes , goodbye my love

Now i am Flipping through Ikea's Catalogue to find ideas to decorate my new room.  

I am so excited. Woo hoo

Hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend *wink*

Of the Moment :  Mrs Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel

What Doesn't Kills You Makes You Stronger

I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face. Thank you everyone for your kind words in  my last post. Like Beatrice said - One little bump on the road is nothing to get you down

I think i will move on and let go of all the drama i've created out of one comment. . Everyone has different styles of writing , and i will continue to learn and stay true to myself. Although i must admit honestly that i was a little upset to read negative feedback, but it was my first and i hope it will be the last.

Anonymous said...
I am indeed sorry you took the comment wrongly.

I merely spat (yes, i am rude enough to spit) out your own words.

And, you said it yourself: There are a hundred reasons to hate you. Sorry to burst your bubble, but i'm taking one of that hundred. You have so many fans who love the other hundred, so what's the big deal? Never had a hater before, huh?

well, surprise! it comes with... BLOGGING!

I just gave my opinion, and i chose to be anonymous. it's my choice, just like how you chose to quote a line from the simpsons.

so track me down. then what? criticise my writing?

lighten up, sunshine.

take my advice, and take it in stride.

 PS: I don't want to say this in public but i respect your decision to remain Anonymous so if you're out there reading i hope you know that Yes this is the first time i had a hater. Your comment made me realize that i cant please everyone , and i will be happy to be me and do things my way. I don't need to track you down and criticise your writing because i don't have the right. And who am i to judge you anyway ? This is not high school , and as an adult i am just gonna laugh everything off and look at things the bright side.I will of course accept your advise :) 

  Of the Moment : The Kills -Cheap and Cheerful

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hello Anonymous ?

Guess what i saw in my comment column

 Anonymous said... You are indeed a TRAGIC WRITTER. Ooops, I meant, writer.

Wow, your opinion on reading is beyond words. since the action cancels things out in your brain, why bother reading anyway?

How flippant you are. You want to be a writt- oh wait, writer -- but you have such low regards for reading.


I say  :  I was wondering who you were hmmm.Your real job is writing for an actual magazine?
And i was paranoid for a while there thinking who did i offended to receive such comment.Then i read through your comment over and over again and I've realized You've judged me by reading my blogspot profile. 

For your information , thanks for highlighting WRITTER , i did not realize the typo error till you mentioned it today. And the books i like column is based on a Simpson Quote.  I love reading and i don't think i  need to prove anything to you.

I have low regards for reading ? well maybe . I did not claim myself a good writer , and i did not point a gun to you head and force you to like my crap. BUT Thank you for your honest comment. 

I am Sorry i cant be as cool as you to sign in as anonymous and write such 'nice' comments. If you don't like it , you can say it , i will accept it . Plus your comment motivates me to improve my writing . No one is perfect , thanks for reminding me.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Back to Reality

I am back !

I have a million things to write , but with so little time and so much work . I guess i'll just do a quickie update . 

Again thanks to all my new readers , without you girls i wont have the motivation to write. Give me 1 more day to reply everyone. I hope i can write more good stuff so i can have readers who will come back for more. Cross my fingers that i am able to reach 100 Tragic Readers

Vacation is good , exhausted but very happy . But alas good time always ends in a blink of eye. Right now i'm back in the office , with piles of paper work to do and reports to complete. And here i am writing this while my bosses are in the meeting lol. Working is seriously no fun. And i will be dead meat if i'm caught blogging during working hours.

Back to my outfit post , i got this dress and silver pumps from Tesco. I know it seems like an odd place to get nice clothes but oh well i am lucky enough to found this. 

Dress : Tesco
Silver Pumps :Tesco
Black Frangipani hair clip ( also happen to be my fav flower ) : Local Flea Market
Grey Cardigan : Scarlet

♪ If I could make the world as pure and strange as what I see,
I'd put you in the mirror,
I put in front of me.
I put in front of me.
Linger on, your pale blue eyes.

Of the Moment :  Pale Blue Eyes - Velvet Underground

PS:Did you know The Kills did a cover of this song recently

Thursday, 5 August 2010

My Great Escape

A note to everyone ,

I am going back to my hometown this evening. To my new readers , I am from Malaysia.I now live in the city , Kuala Lumpur but my heart is always back in my hometown.A small island called Penang which is also famous for being The Pearl Of The Orient. You cant find super nice beaches here , but its a nice place with nice people , lay back lifestyle and the food is awesome. Its not as hectic as the city , so its a good place to get away from your rat race life. 

Plus i really miss my sisters and my little cousin so badly, so i am really excited to go home.

Sincere apologies if i did not have enough time to reply everyone's comments. And i will be away for 3 Days, hopefully i will have the time to update my blog and check out your links that you've shared with me in my comment column. Please fly me more paper aeroplanes as i will love to hear from you.

Special thanks to all my Tragic Readers, i've hit 60 Readers this week .   you girls ! And not forgetting my new friends that i've made from different part of the world. 
Looking forward to share and exchange more life stories :)

Me and my Sister Jesse , cant wait to see her and also Jolene my youngest sister

Do be my Tragic Reader if you ♥  What You See
I will be glad to support your blog too

♪ ''Hey child, things are looking down.
That’s okay, you don’t need to win anyways.
Don’t be afraid, just eat up all the gray
and it will fade all away.
Don’t let yourself fall down...''

Of the Moment : Patrick Watson- The Great Escape

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot

This is the outfit i wore Yesterday , and photos were taken in front of my house. I woke up late yesterday morning , and so i went to work without make up .So basically this is what i look like after 8 hours in the office. Its gonna be a busy week ahead as i'm going move to a new place by next week. Loadsa packing to do , will write an update about that soon .

Love this dress, my friend bought Chloe bought it online and gave it to me. Rocking horse necklace which i bought for just RM5 . There is a story behind this necklace but i'll save it for my next update.

Polka Dot Dress : Online ( and its a gift from Chloe )
Red Jelly Pumps : Local Flea market
Rocking Horse Chain : i m not quite sure because i got it from a random stall

Of the Moment : Kings Of Convenience - Cayman Island