Wednesday, 28 March 2012

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

This Chinese New Year, we volunteered at the old folks at Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged. We youngsters complain about everything in our life, food is not good, clothes are not enough, weather is too hot. It was the second day of this big festive season among the Chinese, spend one day with them and you will see how lucky you are to have a family, to have food on your table and to have shelter or should I say a home. 

 The volunteers, my sisters and I and their friends
First we helped out those who are still healthy and strong with their lunch. 

Then we moved on to the ward, now that was the hardest part because everyone tried so hard not to cry in front of them. Some of them are so ill, they could not even get up from their bed. But I see a lot of happy faces when they see us. Most of them keep thanking us for coming.

 Joyce distributing red packets to everyone

I have a weakness when it comes to old people, the regret of not appreciating my late Grandparents when they were still around, the pain of losing them which I have not completely recovered from. In my humble personal opinion I just don't understand people who could have the heart to send their parents or family to a 'Home". I just don't get  how they can come with so much reasons and excuses to abandon their family for their own convenience in life.

 The nurse on duty insisted that we should meet this lady who has just turned a hundred recently, despite her age, she loves to chat and suddenly she burst out crying, I remember her holding my sister's hand and asked if any of us have seen her family. We had no idea at first but in the end we kinda figured out that all she wished was for her family to come and visit her.

Just remember that your parents did not give you up during hardship when you're young therefore you have no reason to give them up when they are old and helpless. Have a heart.

♫ of the moment: The Beatles - As My Guitar Gently Weeps