Friday, 24 April 2009

The EX from HELL

Don't you just wish u can delete some of the useless people who only gives u shit through out your life..

Those who only come to u when they need you..Those who took advantage of you and used u because they think they can..

First of all Please fuck off from my life because you're so so SO YESTERDAY..You think you're cute and my life will crumble without you? Obviously things are not going that way.. While you're too Fucking busy syok sendiri ..I've moved on with my life and rocking it ..My world does not evolves around yours

You think i'm your 24 hours ATM? Where's your dignity Pussyhead? Sorry but do you mind to create a better story the next time u expect help from me ? Don't bloody use the same old excuse ..Cause i don't CARE ANYMORE..Even if you die tomorrow Its not my Bloody business..

Why don't u turn to the pussy which u fucks everynight? If she's Dumb enough to be with a Loser like you..I guess she wont be that smart to turn down the shit you're trying to sell..

Please stop bugging me cause NO I'm NOT GONA LOAN YOU MONEY not even if u can give me 1000 Reasons ! I hate people like you and you disgust me..

You're a fucking spoiled Brat ! Your parents are filthy rich and i guess they're sick of u as well..God gave you 2 hands..Go and work !But you rather be a Dog which chases after Bitches and expect them to buy you your life..

I'm not the 16 year old idiot who sit and waits for you .....Things changed, people changed..You obviously did not cause you're still the same old moron..get a life Ben

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hands In My Pocket

I'm broke but I'm happy
I'm poor but I'm kind
I'm short but I'm healthy, yeah
I'm high but I'm grounded
I'm sane but I'm overwhelmed
I'm lost but I'm hopeful baby

What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be fine fine fine
I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving a high five

I feel drunk but I'm sober
I'm young and I'm underpaid
I'm tired but I'm working, yeah
I care but I'm worthless
I'm here but I'm really gone
I'm wrong and I'm sorry baby

What it all comes down to
Is that everything's gonna be quite alright
I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is flicking a cigarette

What it all comes down to
Is that I haven't got it all figured out just yet
I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is giving the peace sign

I'm free but I'm focused
I'm green but I'm wise
I'm shy but I'm friendly baby
I'm sad but I'm laughing
I'm brave but I'm chicken shit
I'm sick but I'm pretty baby

And what it all boils down to
Is that no one's really got it figured out just yet
I've got one hand in my pocket
And the other one is playing the piano

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

DIET IS A DIE without the T

Its Driving me nuts ! It has been 2 weeks since i ate wholemeal bread for lunch , Low fat milk with raw oats in the evening..Strictly NO DINNER and Rice is totally out of my dictionary..Bye bye nasi lemak with Sambal ikan bilis.. My fucked up friend Aidil purposely ate Double cheese burger in front of me! ( sabar, sabar )..I've just realised how SUPPORTIVE my friends were LOL

Why am i doing this to myself ? I'm craving for Mc D's Oreo Mc Flurry..with extra OREO ! , Whooper burger and Fries.. loads and loads of FRIES !!! I only live once and i dont know when im gona kick the bucket..and here i am counting calories.. Why ME ? I Live to eat Not Eat to Live

Cut the crap...

Actually I'm kinda proud of myself though.. for this is the first time everrr, i had the Self power to control myself ..Plus i know if i really wana score myself a ticket to Dubai i gotta lost all this extra FATS and flabs...My time is running out...I don't wana see myself as a big ass auntie wearing cheap jeans in 5 years time ! Arghhh...can u just imagine that?

I realise I became more and more paranoid lately...i keep on sulking whenever i ate something that makes me feel guilty..Then i keep on bugging my mum asking her 'Will this makes me fat ? '
'Am i getting thinner'? And she will say ' If u can slim down in 2 weeks..Marie France and the rest of the slimming center can shut down ady..'

The other day while having lunch with the boys..Ken told me that eating whole meal bread is wrong because its Fibre..Yao Yang says i must exercise ..RUN bitch RUN ! haha...then Jimmy says eat more banana...I laughed my ass off...and the debate goes on..BOYS TSK...

Exercise ? There's a playground just right in front of my house..I can jog if i want to ..but too bad i find it hard to move my lazy bum..I can do monkey dancing whole night in the club but if u ask me to Jog its like asking me to shave my head bald..I will give u a hundred reasons why I DONT LIKE EXERCISING...

Why cant some genius scientist just invent a certain chocolate candy which can makes you lose 1 Kg by every bite ?

I think the only Real meal that i had was steamboat in Pulau Ketam ( the Curve ) with Yvonne last Friday..And it was so so Satisfying even though i only ate Tofu, mushrooms and Mee hoon..but the Tom yam soup and green chilly sambal is EXCELLENT !....i'm drooling....But after the good part comes the bad part..i spend the whole night feeling miserable ...counting calories...


Cross fingers and hope that by July i can wear my hot pink MNG tube and look good in it ! Cant wait to kick some butts and say Now who are u calling babi? Muahahaha....Then i can say out loud..revenge has never taste Soooo Sweeet ! Im EVIL !!!

Friday, 10 April 2009


Like every family sitcom you watched on TV..there's always this materialistic selfish character ..I had one too in mine..Life is full of DRAMA when she is around. My sisters called her Pumpkin..Actually i'm not bitching about her cause no matter what she's still family..But at times her attitude is pushing our toleration limit to the fucking red line.

I mean since we lost of grandparents..its like only few of us left.So why cant we live like a real family..Money is not everything but without Money we're nothing..I understand but she really went too far at times..Being calculative in every way..Since i was young..she never liked me..she favours my youngest sisters Jolene.Push aside all the fights and arguements that we had through out the years.She used to hates me because she felt that i was spoiled by my grandparents and she always had this thinking that they loves me more than her..But that was years ago..Now she's acting like one bloody pain in the ass...Money is like the only thing that she sees in her eyes...
She's nice at times . I wont deny that fact . She has a daughter Jacyntia whom we loved to death..Pumpkin is bringing her up the wrong way..Scolds her like mad when she did little mistakes..I know she loves her but Pumpkin is not like my mum..My mum always puts us on her priority list no matter what..When my fucking dad left my mum..she worked hard to bring us up and never even thought of getting re-married for our sake..As for Pumpkin she's the complete opposite..I mean i felt sorry for Pumpkin since she just went tru a Divorce with her husband..( A BIG JERK ) But she seems okay about it cause she has a new boyfriend now..We're brought up modernly so this kinda thing is Ok but has she ever think of what will Jacyntia feel ? Now she's still young..she doesn't understand all this shit..But in the years to come ? Is her mum's new boyfriend a good person? How will she treat Tia Tia in future ?

This trip back in Penang i was really fucking annoyed by her..She bought a new car..and its like only once in few months me and my mum gets to go back ..She doesn't allow my mum to drives her new car..I mean WHAT THE FUCK ? So i spend the first day sleeping whole day at home since we cant go out..Then at her night her boyfriend will come to our house and because we dont feel like entertaining him we all went inside our room instead..I mean i wana spend time with my family and this is the kind of treatment we get..Then the second day for no reason she pulls her muka masam with my mum..But after my mum buy her lunch..she's ok..Arghhh....

My sisters pays her rent and some money for petrol each month cause she keeps on complaining that she's is never enough ! YA of course its never enough..just spend a day shopping with her and you will understand why ! Wasting too much money on stupid stuff...Sometimes my sisters got so pissed that they had the urge to move out...The only person that i worry for is Jacyntia..Nobody will look after her anymore since grandma and grandpa is no longer here..Pumpkin is UNRELIABLE...

I don't know what else to say about her..tragic in the family..Drama Drama Drama

Festival of the DEAD

Im proud to be chinese , I love my culture and tradiditon but I don't like to be labeled as typical Ah Moi cause im definetely NOT !

Last weekend i went back to Penang , cause my great grandma ( we call her Ah Chor ) needs help for Cheng Meng Festival..My late grandpa used to help her every the old graves,cutting the grass and stuff like that.But now since he's no longer here , there's no one else to lend a helping hand..My great grandma has 5 children..2 sons and 3 daughters including my late Grandma..her eldest son ( my great uncle is no longer here ) Her second daughter lives KL , my grandma also no longer here..Third Daughter ( has alot of 'Pantang's So she wont get herself involved in this kinda thing ) Youngest and remaining Son is a Pure Christian...SO WHO ELSE IS LEFT TO HELP?

Its just some simple stuff basically..Ah chor asked if me and my sisters would like to help and of course its an honour to do so...I mean its our long dead ancestors graves...Jesse cant make it this year cause she's working..So its just me and Jolene..So my uncle came to pick us up that day..Ah Chor insisted to come as well..She's almost in tears again when she says it was really so nice of u to offer to help..cause it reminds her of my late grandpa...Sigh...

This is my wonderful Ah Chor....

This is the first grave that we went..It was My great great grandfather and his two wives.. Its a big one..and Ah chor told me that they imported a specially made tombstone all the way from China...So we used to be super rich back in the old days ! Not bad eh...
This is all we need to do even though i don't quite understand what its for......chinese tradition...biasa lah...

This time its My Ah Chor's father's grave..He died young in 1936..he was just 36 years old when he had a heart failure..Ah Chor told us that its because he's 'kuat berjoli' haha...He used to work for a car company..So back then during the old times,it was only the upper class who gets to ride in car..So my Ah Chor was very lucky cause her father use to bring them around in car..This is a very old grave so there's wild grass growing all around it..and since we did not bring any tools..we payed this uncle who works there to cleans it up..At first he wanted to charge us rm50 for the service but after 10 minutes of bargaining he took rm30 and thats it
Sometimes i pity these old folks who are still working so hard at their age..well,money makes the world goes round..

I love to hear stories about the old days..i really wish i could dig up all those stories because without the past there will be no present..Penang is such an old place and its such a waste when developers knock down all the old colonial buildings..I guess people just don't care anymore because all they can think of is how to make money..I used to argue with my mum about this matter..and she said if everyone is like me..there will be no development..and everyone is just living in the past..She's right but i still DISAGREE...

Last but not guess who's the photographer of the day....jeng jeng jeng
My pain in the ass sister..Jolene you !

Thursday, 2 April 2009

So called Editor's Note ( ME )

I'm not a professional writer , plus my purpose here is not to write fake crap to entertain anyone..Friends said i wrote depressing shit, well welcome to my dark side then . Thanks to all of you who actually spend your precious time reading everyone F* word in my posts haha..Excuse my manners please . I dont' see why i should act all proper and prim when i'm not.

I used to write about love ...Its all about the Lurvvee thing...This boy , that boy bla bla bla..And ended up happy posts always turns into pathetic heartbroken stuff...I laughed when i read back all the old stuff that i wrote years ago and of course i've deleted everything..Aren't you sick of reading the same old pathetic stuff ? About how happy i am to fell for someone and then how sad ,how suicidal i felt when he left me ? I'm getting a little too old for all this silly love thing..

Some people actually thinks that i'm Fake and pretentious..they say i write stuff like this to make myself look cool ..ha ha can i just laugh ? I felt so so sorry that you're such a loser , jealous are you ? Thanks for making me the center of attention ..Something which u will never be ! IM FUCKING AWESOME i know.. I know ! Are you mad ? Why ? Its because u know you will never be like me..Why bother to read my stuff if u think i suck ?

I'm looking forward to write more shits about life .. ! But lately i'm so deadly uninspired..I wish i'm smart enough to write about politics..Its like free entertainment to watch all those educated power crazy fools kicking each other's balls..In my opinion all politicians are nominees for Grammy Awards..Fucking FAKE..Enough of this issue..Well , i don't wana get arrested by the ISA

To be honest , blogging is the only way to express all the hidden feelings i kept inside of me..Things that i find it hard to share with people around me. Friends see me as a person who is loud and crazy , So it eventually means that i'm a 24 hours happy person ! Sorry to say i'm not. Its kinda easy to predict my extremely quite when I'M NOT HAPPY..I'm not a robot which is programmed to make people happy.

Still....IF you're still reading this by now..Thanks =)