Friday, 23 September 2011

In Hope of Escapism

Sometimes I secretly wish that my life has more colors, so I can have more interesting stuff to write about. I wish I could have more adventure, or write about wonderful places I have been and great cities I have seen, but to be honest I am just an ordinary girl with dreams bigger than the sky. A dream to break away from the routine life, a dream to leave this city where it's forever summer. A dream to wish that I will always have a dream.

But just because I don't get to see the world yet, it does not mean that I will sit and sulk and whine. What I can do now is to find magic in the humblest places, I hope to make the best out of the littlest things in life. In this post, I will share some of the photos of my splendid time spent with my sisters during my last trip back home to my hometown. The Little Island, Penang in Malaysia. I have always loved the smell of the sea, in fact someday hopefully I will be rich enough to have a house with the view of an ocean. :)

A girl can always dream , can't she?

All photos are taken at this new chill out place, Straits Quay in Penang.
It's one of the best place to hang out, a lot of nice fancy restaurants around
And the best part is the view of the ocean, which is breathtaking 

PS: Sorry to those who are new here, if you were to stick with me long enough you would know that I have been away from my Blog. Sincere apology if I have missed out on replying any comments. I will try my best to write back to everyone as soon as possible.

And not forgetting to share my fav song from Twin Sister , i am just so addicted to it.

" If you forget it all , I will Bring it with me..
If You Can't Find the sea, i will bring you there "

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Best Friend , Coffee , Games & Me

You know when they say communication brings people closer together, I don't think it's happening nowadays. The problem with the world today. IF You Ever Noticed, or have you ever notice a group of friends or family sitting on a table together without actual interactions, everyone is just too busy playing with their gadgets. With the advanced technology in communication devices, everyone is just too into their Blackberries and iPhones or smart phones. Sad right, how people no longer have a decent meal together with laughter and good conversations.

Back to my post, me and my bestest friend in the whole wide world (that's how much I adore and love her) hang out at this nice cozy little café in a local Mall in Penang. Although the coffee they serve is just average for my liking, I love how they have all this board games and books. We had the best time catching up with each other's busy lives, playing Scrabble & Jenga. It's just so much fun and love. So here I will share some photos with you.

Board games are fun, people should play it more often. The first board game I have ever owned was a set of Monopoly my dad bought me when I was  8 when he came back to visit me and my sisters..

 What’s your all time fav board game ?

Cutest Song ever , good Indonesian music :)

Monday, 5 September 2011

My heart stopped beating And when it stops it stops

I find it kinda funny how I could write better when I am angry or upset. But I find it even funnier that I don’t feel a thing but I have so much in mind right now, I just feel like writing today. So here I am

Looking back at my old posts before I hit the delete button. I don’t know if I should laugh at my old self , the little angry teen who writes endless emo posts , the love fool who writes with too much emotion or the hypocrite who try too hard to please everyone. I wear different masks around different people every day. I could not explain how my heart and head were at war, so many contradictions in what I say and what I do.

As much as I wish to be the girl with the golden heart, as much as I wish I could be as kind as I once were years ago. I have changed, people changed for better or worse. We all know in life, we will be hurt,, back stabbed by people who meant the world to us. If it's a broken arm, leg or bone, its going to hurt but it will heal. People who are broken inside sometimes are the happiest people on the outside, we cover our pain with smiles and laughter. How to recover from all the hurting? I guess I have no idea. Even the heart of gold can turn as cold as stone if it has been wounded in way too many times. I know some people will say yeah big deal, why can't she grow up and stop being so pathetic. Well tell me about it when you know how it feels like to be crying at night wishing you can sleep so your mind will stop working, and when you wake up in the morning you wish you could crawl back into bed again. I went through that for the past months.

I've been living my life half asleep.
And again, this is my personal blog, I may rant all I want.
I like building walls around my world. I feel safer this way. I tear it down once or twice and realize it was the biggest mistake so I built it higher and higher. People who care enough will find a way to knock it down, people who don't will just give up after a few tries. And, in the end if I keep on allowing myself to be defeated by my own insecurity and lack of trust in people, I know might end up hurting people who actually care and I might end up pushing them away.

"You said I began
This messy state of love affair
And I drink too much and smoke too fast
And this city's cleared my innocence
And I laugh out loud
My life is a mess
I have gone too far
In my lifelessness