Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I wrote this for you DumbDumb

Sometimes I wonder if God has his own team of designers to draw our story line and a team of writers to write our destiny. 2nd July 2011, it was my birthday night, I met a wonderful person. I have just crawled out from a bad relationship, and in the midst of healing, he walked into my miserable life. In another word, I think God gave him to me as my birthday gift.

I never have any luck in relationships. What I went through turn me into a cynic, but he came and he showed what it's like to be loved. He tried his best to keep me happy. He was the best gift I have ever received in life. I love him but It was my biggest mistake of not showing him that I do, I made him believe that I have been taking him granted. I made him believe that I have been taking selfishly when all he did was give.  And now here I am writing this, knowing that I have lost him and there is nothing I could do to turn back time. And it hurts, I can feel every part of me breaking inside.

Everything we own is temporary, it's on loan and it can be taken back at any time. If you love a person, you tell them everyday when you have the chance.  

I love you Hamed and I am sorry.

“I think I'm afraid of being happy because whenever I get too happy something bad always happens.” - Charlie Brown


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Setting fire to our insides for fun

What happen to the girl in the picture..She used to be so happy

And if you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones
'Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs
Setting fire to our insides for fun
Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong
The lovers that went wrong

♫ of the moment: Daughter - Youth

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Into the rabbit hole

This too shall pass....

I've been down with pneumonia for the past 2 weeks. Up and down with fever, my body feels like it's going to fall into pieces and the horrible cough and not forgetting the dreadful medicines. I lay down in bed everyday feeling a patient on her deathbed.  Funny, how I used to think that pneumonia only happens in cold countries. 

It’s raining almost every day, the weather is as depressing as how I felt inside. This has been the hardest time for me and to have to go through it all by myself. 

 I wish we had Autumn over here.

♫ of the moment: The XX - Angels