Thursday, 19 May 2011

And the city I walk in, I feel like a shadow

I wish I could gain back my passion when I started my blog...
I know I have been playing hide and seek with my readers
One minute I am here, gone in the next.
I lost so many followers, sometimes I wonder do people follow your blog because they like your style of writing or they follow just to get you to follow them back. And, when you don't they unfollow you :)

So I won't take it personally when people left, I will use it as motivation to write better.
But as I always say, I am still very grateful for all the friends I've made through my blog
I try my best to keep in touch with everyone on Twitter or Facebook.

Bought all this from DIVA

One of the best thing to happen is to receive a blog award even when I have been away
That's the best feeling ever, to be remembered and I truly felt appreciated
Hugs and kisses to Laura from Artfully Artista

Thank u so much for the award , u motivates me to make a come back

Warpaint- Shadows