Friday, 30 July 2010

Au Revoir July

July is ending and this will be my final post for this month, I have so many awesome and topsy turvy stuff to write for August . I wont be updating my blog this weekend so sorry if you don't see any reply to your comments. Will be back by Monday .

Just for fun here are 10 Goodbyes in different languages , have fun 
  1. French : Au Revoir
  2. Italy : Chao
  3. Malay : Selamat Tinggal 
  4. Icelandic : Bless
  5. Romanian : La Revedere
  6. Russian : Poka
  7. German : Mach's gut
  8. Finland : Nakemiin
  9. Danish : Farvel
  10.  Thai : La gon
I 've Googled them up , sorry if there's any silly mistakes.

So long ..Do Miss me when im gone * giggles

Cross fingers that i will reach 50 follower  Readers by Monday
Do be my Tragic Reader if you  ♥ what you see .

À bientôt

Of the Moment : Beatles - All my loving

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Fat Kid Diary

Someone ruined my morning, which makes me want to write this. That someone is our office cleaner, she’s mute and most of the time we don’t understand what she is trying to say. Excuse me if I’m being a bitch but she really annoys me.

Yes I understand that you are handicap, but that doesn’t gives you the right to insult others. The first time it happen I was in the ladies for freshing up, she came up to me and starred at me .Then with her expression and sign language she told me that’s not the way to blush my cheeks , (Her make up is as thick as Chinese Opera singer , and mind me she is only the cleaner ). Fine I accept her honest comment.

Second time I wore a pretty white dress my friend got me from Australia , and in front of my colleague she uses her sign language and made fun of me saying I look like pregnant, I ignored her and my colleague knew that I was pissed so she ignored as well. And the cleaner keeps on repeating and laughs at her own lame joke.

And this morning in front of everyone again she made her signs which obviously says I'm FAT ,I don’t know why I let it get to me and out of anger I pointed my middle finger right at her face.

To be honest I felt insulted, at the same time sad. Does my weight matters to her? It’s so hard to stay confident and comfortable with my own body. Every time I try to tell myself I am pretty regardless what size I am, someone will say something mean. Everyone has something to say about what I wear and what I should not wear. What is everyone’s fucking problem ? If I am fat so what?
I did not ask you to feed me.

Goodbye beautiful Wednesday morning, my mood is uglier than her face right now. 

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Professional Dreamer

Have you ever lie down on a field and look at the pretty sky , picturing shapes of the cloud. Well the sky always made me happy , so here a few photos i made inspired by the sky. Yesterday i posted ''I wonder how does the sky taste like '' in my Facebook status and of course i got a few funny answers. Some people might think i'm being childish by posting such silly stuff but oh well , who cares about Boring people like them right.I am a professional dreamer and i know i am not the only one

But seriously have you ever wonder how the cloud taste like ?

M83: We Own the Sky

Silversun Pickups : Lazy Eye

♫ Joni Mitchell : River

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

From Me to You

And i wonder if i ever cross your mind

To Me it Happens all the time

Songs For The Broken Hearted
  1. Lykke Li Feat Kleerup : Until We Bleed
  2. Rachael Yamagata : I'll find a way
  3. Adele : Chasing Pavements
  4. Rilo Kiley : Portions for foxes
  5. Aqualung : Strange & Beautiful
  6. Alanis Morrisette : Simple Together
  7. Melly Goeslaw : Bimbang
  8. Travis : Funny Thing
  9. Carissa Wierd : Yours Truly Ugly Valentine
  10. Coldplay : The Scientist
  11. Counting Crows : Colorblind
  12. Regina Spektor : Hero
  13. Straylight Run : A Slow Decent
  14. The Weepies : Gotta Have You
  15. Noah and the Whale : Blue Skies

Music speak the words in my heart , but some words are meant to be unspoken


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Meatballs & Fries

Gosh i just cant get enough of Ikea's Sweedish Meatballs , 
Just some random photos of a fun day out with me sister 

We are the meatball monsters ! 
Me and my sister Jesse , ps: we're not twins :)

I can eat all of em ', * evil laugh*

And of course , have to watch out my diet :(

Blame Gingy , he ate all of em' 

You can always try making them by purchasing the Cook Book, i'll leave this alone as i dont want to burn down the kitchen

Of the Moment : Phantom Planet - Do the Panic

Friday, 16 July 2010

We are Good People With A Lot of Bad Habits

Party at Phuture , Zouk

My Girl Friends  
Thanks to Veronica we got VIP seats




We Work Hard , We Party Even HARDER

Of the Moment : Le Tigre : Decepticon


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Les contes de fées tragique

I started my blog in 2008 , because Monkey see Monkey Do.Everyone has one so I got myself one too. I used to write endless angry stuff , I used to hate the world , I am Little Miss Grumpy.

Last night I deleted almost 50% of my old posts. Gosh reading back what I wrote is kinda hilarious. 40% Pathetic , 10 % Lame & 50% Emo , no wonder everyone labeled my blog as an Emo Blog !

Of course I wont turned into Little Miss Sunshine overnight, I am still the bitter , angry bitch who Yes Still Hates the world sometimes .But at least I will stop being such a pain in the ass by stop writing miserable stuff.


Say Hello to the new TragicFairyTales , it will totally be inspired by Music , Arts , Photography and my love for Music and everything Vintage

‘’The World Fascinates Me’’ – Andy Warhol 

I am the girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes 

Of the Moment :  Angus and Julia Stone - And the Boys

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I made Art from My Heart

I gave up shopping and stayed at home last weekend, 
anti social mode On, completely out of my mind , with my ear phones plugged in

I made these...
I have no tittle for them yet , so i'll just name it after the song i am listening for my inspiration while making them.

♫ Mono - Life in Mono

♫  Animal Collective - Watching The Planets

This is personally my favorite..

♫ Anya Marina - Satellite Heart

If you are going to use my posters , please link it back to me . You wouldn't like it if someone uses your stuff without permission would you? 

hate it , trash it , love it are most welcome

Monday, 12 July 2010

If Music Is What Feeling Sounds Like ♫ July

 The National : Conversation 16 
 ( i am obsessed with this song )

Mumford and Sons : The Cave

The Trees and The Wild - Berlin
  The New Pornographers : We end up together
Harlem : Gay Human Bones

First Aid Kit : Mountain Tiger Peasant Song 
 ( Fleet Foxes Cover )
The Temper Trap : Fader

Angus and Julia Stone : Big Jet Plane

Marina and the Diamonds : Obsessions

Macy Gray : Don't forget Me

Unkle feat Thom Yorke : Rabbit in Your Headlights 

Eric Hutchison : Rock 'N' Roll 
( Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 Ost )

Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Hysteric ( Acoustic Version)

It took me forever to come up with July's List as there is way too many songs that i really like this month. Here you go , these are the songs that are pretty stuck in my head for now.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Twenty Four Candles

3 Chocolate cakes and a Tiramisu, what else can a girl ask for her birthday

♪ ''Blowing out the candles from my cake
I choke on the smoke as I look around the room
Everybody is wishing for no more mistakes
And all that I can think about is you...''
Angus and Julia Stone-Chocolates & Cigarettes

He disappoint me..Not even a text message ? 

Then again who am i to have expectations..

My first cake from the boys and my bestie Veronica , they totally surprised me because i thought it was our regular dinner night out , and i was screaming like crazy when  La Cocina played the Birthday song, and the waiter brings out the cake . They planned my surprise Party few back , and asked one of my good friend Heng Hwa to be the spy to digs out what i want for my Birthday lol,
( a gift relevant to what i love most which is Music ) So sweet and thoughtful of everyone. 
A memorable night and I  totally  love my brand new Audio Technica ear phones , It was AWESOME !

Second cake from my ex colleagues who also happens to my closest friends . A Big Shout out to all the great ladies, Nicole Yee, Elee Lee , Chloe Chan , Hui Xiang 
the stupid boys ( just joking) Kah Soon and Kai Jun.

Third cake came from my new bos and new colleagues, another Chocolate cake ! I was busy browsing Facebook, Shhh..when everyone started to sing the Birthday song :)

Happy Birthday BITCH ! i love this , a change after 3 chocolate cakes , My besties bought me a Tiramisu. We've been friends for almost 10 years now ,And because i've been missing in action for the past years ,This is the first time i get to celebrate with them . We sing our heart out that day in RedBox Karaoke then spent the rest of the day shopping, i love them to death.

I am 24 and still fabulous 
Thanks everyone , I felt loved and spoiled

Of the Moment :Tell Him - Tell Him - Barbara Streisand & Celine Dion

My girlfriend sang this song the other day ,and yes He's the only person which crossed my mind

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

I've always love fun fairs , the colors, the rides, cotton candy, games booths , food stalls, Oh so pretty
For this photoshoot, we sneaked into the fair so as you can see its still day time , hope you'll like the photos

Of the Moment :  Karen O and the Kids - Sailing Home

Friday, 2 July 2010

Happy Birthday To Myself

Hey its my fucking Birthday, Wear a party hat and blow candles off my fucking cake, I am So happy ! And I am fucking lying about that.

Sucks,I still gotta get up at 6 am this morning and wait for the fucking bus to get to work.Now here I am at 10:51 stuck with paper work, Not the exact perfect picture for a Happy Birth DAY huh…I thought everyone's world evolves around mine today.Oh Fudge , i am turning into a boring working class hero.

Thanks to Facebook reminder , wall has been spammed with wishes.Can u believe I am actually counting and remembering those who wished me this year and all those who did not , I’m so gonna delete them from my friend list tomorrow haha I am joking.

Can I write my bank account no in my status or Twitter so people can bank in money for me? I don’t want wishes or presents, I want hard cold cash!

Ok that is a lame joke as well

Fine i'll just wear a big smile and sit and wait for miracles to happen

  1. A truck load of shoes has just been delivered to my house 
  2. Parcel containing Diana F & Holga in my post box.
  3. Everything in Forever 21 Is just RM10
  4. A full scholarship for degree from a famous Art School
  5. Emirates called and beg me to join their Airlines
  6. Woke up the next day with 36D,25, 34 body measurement
  7. Ticket to Paris
  8. I could I afford my own car , and a nice apartment before I turn 25
  9. He would at least fucking remember my fucking birthday
  10. ALL MY WISHES could come true 

My Humble Wishlist of the things i WANT ! 


If all of the above are not gonna happen, then Birthdays are just reminders that you’re old, accept the fact and be grateful you are not dead ..YET

Of the Moment : Arcade Fire - Wake Up

Thursday, 1 July 2010

500 Days of Summer Memorable Quote

Summer: ''Ok. I, like being on my own. I think relationships are messy and people’s feelings get hurt. Who needs it? We’re young, we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world; might as well have fun while we can and, save the serious stuff for later.''

Of the Moment :  Here Comes Your Man - Meaghan Smith ( The Pixies Cover)

Oh Fudge, Its July

Knock knock July,

Whoah can u believe it 6 months has passed in the blink of an eye. Kinda scary huh, well maybe not for you but I am totally freaking out now. And oh well just for your information ehem, tomorrow is my fucking birthday, pfffft the figures goes up each year , someone please define HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! You must be sick in the head if getting older makes you happy.

Lets hope I have the inspiration to write nothing but good stuff for the days to come

I’ve chosen Tim Myer’s Beautiful World as my new featured song this month. Boy trust me I was having a hard time deciding between Macy Gray’s Don’t Forget Me , Straylight Run’s Words We Say ( Acoustic version ) or this. So in the end I pick this song because Its less depressing.And as for my new music addiction, I am really into Mumford and Sons and The National lately. Both are really awesome indie bands that you totally need to check out.

Fashion wise, I think I am Cotton On’s no 1 Customer! I'm like a kid walking into a candy store.I bought 3 dresses in the same design but different colors and prints, not forgetting 4 pairs of shoes and 4 high waist skirts just to regret it because everyone has the same thing! Like what the Fudge.

It makes me wanna pawn on them and claw off their clothes hahaa, Thank God I am not wearing any particular pieces each time I bumped into all my long lost identical twins.Don’t you just hate to step out from the house feeling good, Assuming you’re such a fashion genius then had to hide behind a pillar to save yourself from embarrassment when someone else is wearing the exact outfit. Bonkers…I guess I should learn from the phrase ‘Never follow the trend, Start the trend’! This will be me my fashion mantra from now.

Last but not least thanks to all my Tragic Readers, lol if there is any out there. I like living in denial so I am assuming that at least one or two friends will drop by sometimes haha.But its OK if nobody does, its not like the end of the world if no one gives a shit about what I wrote. I don’t really care anyway.


Ohh Kaay ITS NOT OK, I’ll cover my head with blanket and cry if nobody reads this hahaha

With Your Tragic Writer,

Of the Moment : Vivian Girls - Moped Girls