Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Photo of the Day

Oh my god , cant beleive September is ending ...

Things to do today - STOP THIKING ABOUT YOU!

of the moment : Molly's Chamber-Kings of Leon (on repeat)

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Marmalade French Toast ♥

Love -aimer

I love you-Je t'aime

I hate you -Je te déteste ! !

Dumb- sourd











White lilies-blanc nénuphars




Fairytales-les contes de fees

I am thinking of you-e pense à vous :(

of the moment : Berceuse - Couer De Pirate

Comme Des Enfants

Well, some people say one rascal is enough to drive u nutz but i had 2 rascals in my life ..Double Trouble ! They're my evil twin sisters , Jesse and Jolene .

Like any typical sisters , we used to fight alot , YES.. hair pulling , bitch slapping , calling each other names , saying hurtful things to win the meaningless cat fights..

But it was always Fun , because i will never be alone when i always have them..We grew up pretty normal in a not so rich but loving family..We're like 3 meat balls when we're kids , So basically what we hate most during each family gathering was having to deal with the endless comments from Aunts and Uncles which normally goes - WAH , what your grandma feeds you all ? or Look at how chubby u guys are ! haha But now as we're grown up , Both of them became stick thin and i am still struggling with my ups and downs of weight problem ! chuckles * The best part is now the mak ciks mak ciks started to comment on how skinny they were , and they should start eating more ( typical chinese family , happens most of the time )
But growing up is awesome , too many goddamngood memories to be written down , i love the days when we live with our Ah chor ( great grandmother) in her heritage house back in Penang , I'm a big bully back then , i will steal all of their toys ! So they have to hide it from me or refuse to play with me cause i refuse to lose in all games , haha i will throw tantrum whenever i am not winning..( its so easy to cheat away all their money in Monopoly )..We used to play Asia Bagus ( a famous Tv Show back then in TV3 ) We will gather at Ah Chor's porch right at the big swing , Wendy from next door and our Chen E E ( my mum's cousin) will join sometimes ..We will pretend that we're the contestants and sing using a skipping road's head as our microphone..

Grandma will make us uniform pyjamas lol and we gotta march up to sleep sharp at 8pm..Grandma even made clothes for our barbie dolls, ( Only God knows how much i missed her ) Every morning we ride on a trishaw to school, my sisters will purposely kick the bags off the trishaw and run around everywhere so Ah Pek have to chase after them..At night we sleep at our grandma's room and will start to talk about nonsense and laugh about it.During school breaks we will go down to KL for holidays at Mum's place , what we love most was video games ..we will fight after the controller ( Even my late grandma loves video games )

When im 9 all of us moved back to Kuala Lumpur to live with mum..Every weekend Grandpa will drive us to different malls to shop ! Then he taught us how to ride bicycles , there is once Jesse's bike crashed and she fell into the drain ! Opppssss.. !
We attended Malay school and made alot of malay friends,which explains why we speak perfect malay and im proud of it ! We ride Pak Cik Razak's school bus , and we will bully little rude boys!

Then there's a time when i created some really stupid songs and three of us will sing and record it down with a tape player..It was so fucking hilarious , we sound like chipmunks and the lyrics of my songs were fucking retarded ! I don't know where the tapes went as we were always moving from one house to another..

It will take forever if i were to write down every single memory which is engraved in my heart, So i'll stop here..
Jesse , Jasmine & Jolene

We grew closer as we were older..As we learn to appreciates our family more..I love them and i hope they loved me too haha but obviously They LOVE ME too . If U mess with one J then u mess with the other J's ! I am grateful to have u both in my love

of the moment : Melody Fair - Bee Gees ( My all time favourite )

Thursday, 24 September 2009

How nice IF

I wish i'm in lying on the green green grass with a big pair of sunnies right now and feel the breeze with my hands..And of course with my mp3 on my side and a good book to read..( when i say book , i really meant book not Shin Chan!! ) I do read ,... SOMETIMES..when i feel like it

Too early to day dream, back to work ..a 100 Sighs ..did u know i hate working ?

But its ok , i have songs that reminds me of the blue sky and my green green grass..

Coeur de pirate -C'Ttait salement romantique
Yuna - Deeper Conversations
Rosie Thomas- Say Hello
Bee Gees- Melody Fair
Estrella - Stay
Camera Obscura - Super Trouper
Bic Runga -Listening for the weather
Corrine Railey Bay- Put Your records on
The Carpenters- Rainbow Connection
Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
Sixpence non the Richer - Kiss Me

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

My Little Monster

She's 9 this year ! She speaks perfect mat salleh English ! ( thanks to watching non stop cartoons ) She's the biggest pain in the ass but melt u to death by her cuteness when she plays angel ! She's annoying , she's fat but dislikes it when we teased her that she's wearing adult's size S ! But this trip back , she 's slimmed down..So the other day my mum calls her little fatty , she cockily replied ' I am not fat anymore ok' haha

Her mum gave her one of her old celly lately , so from time to time when she's bored she'll text me and my mum ! Sometimes i hardly understand what she's trying to say through her SMS , u cant blame me with her terrible spellings But the only words that she always got it right is PUKIMAK or hey Fucker what are you doing ? Its in the family blood..she'll grew up pretty all right just like US haha

This is supposedly her sexy face with her giganto Lollipop which caused me Rm6.90

You still think she's CUTE ?

But we loved her to death , she's the apple of the eyes of my late grandparents..Nobody will beleive it thats she's actually a Miracle Child , She had a hole in heart when she's born , and she undergo major operations when she's merely 4 ! Which explains why she is spoilt by everyone.

Her family is falling apart just like ours , sometimes i felt bad for all the mean things i did to her. Like the other day , she insisted that she wants a set of Toys which are made for boys from Toys R Us..its 50++ plus for 3 stupid balls which suppose to turn into a machine when u threw them on a magnetic card ..I mean i am trying to teach her the value of money but she begin to throw tantrum and called me names so i walked away leaving her there..Then she run behind and went to my mum , i can see her eyes are wet..and it makes me feel so so bad..

She doesnt wana talk to me , but it happens all the time ..We became friends again after buying her that Giganto Lollipop ! LoL Kids will always be kids..

I Love my fat monster

of the moment :Sweet Child O Mine - Taken By Trees ( Guns & Roses Cover)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Dream are like bubbles..dont burst it

of the moment : 22-Lily Allen

Friday, 11 September 2009

9 / 11

11th September , its like a plane has just crashed and exploded in my ♥

Plus its Friday.. See the wicked big smile on my face =)

With my ear phones on with Slow Club's songs playing on repeat


Chewing gummy bears

Makes me happy
Look at the cloudy sky makes me think of you

of the moment :Thinking,Drinking,Sinking,Feeling-Slow Club

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Fascinating New Thing - Vol III

''If there's any love in me,
Don't let it show.
Oh and if there's any love in me,
Don't let it grow.''

Watch my step so i wont fall..

Ironically when i woke up this morning , he's the first thing that crossed my mind

And pathetically i try not to but still , Each time my mind wonders around...Its him i think about

I wonder how can someone annoys me so badly but at the same thing makes me laugh with his never ending nonsense

I wont say its Love , because i knew this is not Love

This funny feeling inside is silly , lame , makes no sense and a waste of time

Feels it , argh Fuck it and get rid of it !

Its like a merry go round...spinning you around , and round and round till everything u see makes no sense , and everything went tumbling upside down..

But of cause i am keeping this to myself..DUH i'm not gonna let him feel like he's such a big deal !

Didn't u know i am good in saying things which is the opposite :)

Boy, Here goes another lame crap which i swear not to WRITE !

If he knew bout this , he should be flattered..this is the fucking third time i write about him !

But he wont know! ha ha He doesn't even know the existence of my blog

And even if he does , i can just deny it cause that's what i do best !

Plus i didn't say i fell head over heels for him ! Its just Like as in Like !

His name has just been deleted from this Post, AGAIN

Congratz Jasmine Chuah , you're being childish and bimbotic for the 999 times

of the moment : Just Like Heaven ( The Cure Cover ) - Katie Melua

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Love? NO !

Enough of all my preaching about a stupid thing called Love

WHY ? because I don't ever wanna get involve anymore !

I'll give u 10 bloody reasons WHY !

1 . I don't have to waste my stupid credit making stupid calls to check him out ! And I dont have to stay up all night waiting for his stupid call ! Plus I dont have to hurt my stupid thumb sms-ing him 24 / 7 !

2.I dont have to care about what he thinks about me . So it eventually means No crap diet ! I CAN not wash my hair for 3 days ! *evil LAUGH*

3. I dont have to mind my language when i speak or act like i am all sweet and nice !

4. I dont have to pretend that i cant finish up my burger and fries when i'm eating with him

5. I dont have to worry about what his friends are gonna think about me..I dont have to give a damn whether they like me or the opposite ! And Most important of all I dont have to worry if he 's pissed when i am getting a little too close with his buddies

4.I dont have to go through stupid butterflies in my stomach , blush on my fat cheeks and sweaty hands when i'm near him

5.I dont need to have the thoughts of whether his thoughts are all about me

6.I dont have to crack my head to figure out what to get him on his stupid birthday , christmas and V day !

7.I dont have to wear stupid kinky lingeries everyday ( I hate G Strings , i find them super irritating )

8.I can wear whatever i want without worrying if he's not gonna like it ! I can wear my pyjamas out ( just joking )

9.I can spend more time with my girlfriends ! Go wherever i want , and do whatever i please !


FUCK..i am such a pathetic bitch !

of the moment : Meiko-Piano Song

of the moment : What Can I Do - The Corrs

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

River Phoenix

I was blown away when i saw him in The thing Called Love. But i had no clue who he was , So i spent my whole morning stalking all of his sites and pages on the web just to had my heart broken when i realize that he died of drug overdose in Johnny Depp 's Club Viper Room, October 31st 1993 .Its so sad! I mean he was a talented actor and here i go again..'HE IS Ffffing hot ...'

I had a major crush on someone who died 16 years ago !

The Thing Called Love 1993

Saw 'The Thing called Love' the other day on Astro..To be frank i saw some part of the movie weeks ago but then i thought it was just another boring love movies so i didn't really bother .Till last Saturday my mum was actually watching it , so out of boredom i watched along..and i am hooked ! Love the country music featured in the film especially 'Blame in on your heart' - James and Miranda .And of course the main reason i was glued to my TV was the romance between James and Miranda in the movie..

I love the scene where James ( River ) proposed to Miranda ( Samantha Mathis ) with a plastic toy ring in a sundry store..and they were married by a priest who happens to be the brother of one of the cashier working in the store ! It was so romantic ,so what if i sound cheesy .. ( GUYS , should watch this scene and stop using your old antics proposal cause its boring )

I dont really like the ending and i was sulking cause i dont want it to end that way ! But Im not gonna spoil it by telling more of the u guys watch it yourself ..

And did i mention how hot River Phoenix was ! I was blown away..he is so F ffffing HOT !

of the moment : Cant Stop Falling In love-Elvis Presly ( The scene where they danced at the door step of Graceland )