Sunday, 3 October 2010

And the sweet sweet sun's comin' down hard , The sun's comin' down hard


Pinch me its October already ? Goodbye September, did anything interesting during the weekend?

I went partying with my girlfriends on Friday Night , threw up like crazy at home.
Woke up with a hang over the next morning , rush to another friend's registration of marriage then slept my whole Saturday away . It was CRAZY , by the way i met a boy in the club will tell u girls about it the next time. I can feel the tingles on my back.
Anyway I need some advise from you guys
As you see i promised myself that i will try to come up with better photos
So after months of surveying and inquiring i am planning to get a DLSR

Cropped Oversized shirt :Local Store
High Waist Grey Skirt : Cotton On
Silver Pumps : Vincci
Bag : Vintage

What do you guys think about Canon EOS - 1000D?
Or you have any recommendations for a beginner like me

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Matt said...

Sounds like a fun weekend other than the hangover! Cute pictures too! That looks like a really nice camera, but I'm no expert on camera's. I have a much simpler older camera from Canon that I like a lot! That's great that you're going to be able to get a new camera! I always thought you had great pictures anyway though! I hope you're having a great day! :)

Michelle Chic said...

ooh... i also wanna buy a new cammie!
can't wait to hear bout the guy u met at the club! ;)

Laura said...

I can't believe it's October either!!!

nynga said...

Really nice camera. That's a good choice as well as a Canon Rebel XS. :)

Cute pictures!

Amber Rose said...

Canon Rebel XSI all the way. ;)

PS: You are wonderful. I miss you!

ching said...

hi Jasmine. haha good for you for partying and meeting a boy! wooot

i think i'd suggest you a Canon Rebel mainly because 2 of my friends have it and i think it's user friendly.

Jasmine Lee said...

Well sounds like you had a fun weekend! Can't wait to hear about the guy you met! ;)

I went to a comedy show Friday night that was hilarious and today [saturday] I went to the North Dakota State University Homecoming football game!! We lost but it was still a blast!

As for the camera, not quite sure. But stick with Canon for sure!!

xoxo, jaz

Signe said...

So nice that you met a boy, can't wait to hear more about that :)

And Canons EOS 1000D is the camera I use! Love it - very simple to use even for a beginner since you have premade settings for closeups, nature shots, prortraits etc.
You might want to get another lense than the one that normally is delivered with the camera because that one isn't very good if you plan take nice closeups of things and blur out the background. But I've had mine for like two years and just now found out I need a better lense, so that can probably wait a bit :)

Have a nice sunday!

TheMadTwins said...

Hey, I adore you look. Very stylish!
and what an amazing weekend you had ^__^ I had two sleepovers this week, hehe, and that was fun too.

p.s.: Were where you from ^__^ I'm from belgium (perhaps I already asked this question X3)

Ow And the camera you showed on that picture is my camera, and that is a very good one ^__^
I'm now saving money for a bigger lens so I can take better quality pictures than I now already have :)

xxx London

TheMadTwins said...

thanks so much for you kind comment ^__^ Malaysia, is amazing too ^__^, pity that it's so far away :'(
I want to have a blog meeting once ^__^ but the sad thing is that everybody (most of the time) lives so far away =(
but it's wonderful to meet people form other counties, I love internet for that :P
heheh ^___^


Krystal said...

i have a nikon d90 - it's pricey but gives you TONS of room to grow if you want to want to learn a lot. good luck, new cameras are very exciting!!

Chubby-but-Lovely said...

That's so funny because I had 24 hour stomach flu. And was vomiting most of my friday :D
Sounds like you had a great time and you look so pretty.

Amber Blue Bird said...

Oh I remember puking my brains out after a night of hard core drinking...memories. Cant wait to hear about this boy, have an awesome Sunday

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Sounds like an epic weekend. And yeah, where did September go? Looking forward to hearing about this boy...

I don't know much about the camera, I'm afraid. I'm a big believer in not needing a fancy camera to take nice pictures. My camera, for example, cost $89... ; D

MAUD said...

i have the canon rebel and it's awesome. i had never used an slr camera before, but it is so easy to get a hang of.

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

big yay for getting a dslr! wish i could afford one right now ! lovely photos dear =]. hope you are well x

SusuanaLove said...

Hello love! yeah i had a similar weeked minus the throwing up
Great song of the moment
if you like that listen to Echoes bythe klaxons!
OOOooo theres this guy at my uni i met at our hall party with a canon 1000D a good camera!


Vintage and Cake said...

Oh my BF could advise you about it, I don't really know much ... sorry :P
Oh that sounds full on, throwing up is never good. Hope you are feeling better now and you had fun, sometimes you waste a bit of your weekend but its worth it if you had fun xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Robyn Meagher said...

Glad you had such a fab w/end even if it was kind of crazy. We are all in suspense to hear about the boy you met :)

Putri Fatma said...

hey dear! tell me abot the guy :D
Im waiting ur story! hehe
u are so sweet in here :D

CDG said...

I think all canon dslr cams are great and relatively easy to use. Aww sorry you got so sick, but it seems like meeting a lovely guy was worth it. I'm happy for you! Hope it all goes well. And you look gorgeous in these photos!

Julia said...

What a cute and casual outfit!

As for cameras, the Canon looks really nice. I can't really say much for it, since I have a Nikon, so I can only give you reviews about my camera.

I currently use a Nikon D40, and I really like it. The reason why I like Nikons is because many of their lenses are compatible with almost every single body. Meaning, like in my post that you commented on, I could take Nikon lenses from 20 years ago and attach it to my 2000s Nikon body. So I invested in a cheaper DSLR so I can put the rest of the money to getting nicer lenses, which is what really makes a SLR camera, anyways, haha.

But I have friends who use Canons and they absolutely love it! :) I hope that helped!

Jasmira Flower said...

I wan't new camera! You look fantastic! Tell something more about the guy! said...

Youre such a beautiful girl! I love the dreamy-esque of your photographss

keep in touch

Bad Taste Toast said...

I want to buy a DLSR too as soon as I have the money. I don't have experience with these cams at all but I only heard good things about the EOS.

A colleague of mine knows a bit more about cams and told me for beginners it would also be okay to get a cheaper DLSR with less features so that you can learn the basic functions and don't get confused with all the professional stuff.
But I think it only depends on how willing you are to learn about how to handle these cams ;)

Barbara said...

that camera is great for a beginner! you r gonna love it!!
i spent the weekend with my friends and went to the movies, very nice

Victoria said...

You look really pretty! I love how your outfits are simple but complete.
Oh well, I don't know anything about photo cameras! I'd like to but I can't recommend much. However, I wish you luck!

I have to thank you very much for your comments. I really appreciate it, thank you for reading and commenting such beautiful things, not only "pretty picture" or "nice blog". You put content, and you understand what I mean...Your words made me very happy!


Amber Rose said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your crazy hacker dear! Sounds like quite the pain to deal with. Hope everything else is well, and I miss you too! Do you have a facebook?

Dizzy said...

I’m not a true expert on cameras but I heard Canon is a good brand. Love the outfit btw.

SMASH said...

What an eventful weekend! As for cameras, I honestly don't think you need to spend the money on a fancy camera! It's all about using natural lighting or a tripod and then maybe tweaking the colors if they turn out too dull. Also, those cameras are often too bulky and I like to have my camera with me at all times.

In any case, good luck on your camera quest! :)



Hi Jas, I've been busy with the blog, but I did not forget to see your posts, see!

Lulu and the Locket said...

That sounds like a good starter camera to me though I am more familiar with Nikons, if you want a good starter camera with them I would suggest a D3000. xx

Theresia Natalie said...

lovely outfit! you look pretty :)
keep in touch, fellas!

Natalie's blog

Louise said...

Hi hon! Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my blog! You are so adorable!

I use a Nikon D3000 and I love it... but I hear you can't go wrong with Canons either!

You look fantastic!

Tania said...

I'd seriously reccommend a Canon, but keep in mind the different levels of SLRs:
EOS 1000D is the lower range, but not cheap at all! We don't actually have any of these in my family, so I can't say anything about them
The EOS 500, 450D are the mid range, which my family have - the 450 and the 300. The new 500D can film too :)
EOS 5D - I have been lusting after this for ages, but it's heavy (held one for about 5 minutes and got wrist ache!) and looks complicated. And extremely expensive for a camera!

Now, since writing all that, I'd say that the 1000D looks pretty good, and if you've not had an SLR before, go for it!

Also, thank you so much for the comment! I will try not to be one of those people either

karmun said...

hi are you there? hope you are doing fine there =] take care ^^

Miss Kiki Lovelace said...

aahhh! sounds like you had a lovely weekend Jas! :) arrgh! was he cute???? hihihihi!

I'd say go for canon! 1000D would be nice i trying to save up for one as well. Havent decided which model yet.

ARA said...

love the outfit. I don`t really knw much about cams but if it`s canon then it must be good.xx

Emma said...

Oof, I did the same this week; drank way way way too much, woke up an hour late for work the next day and had the worst hangover EVER - ugh.

Look forward to hearing about this boy you've met - don't leave us hanging for long ;)

No idea about cameras, but do let us know what you choose! x

Regan said...

I use a Nikon L110, and I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

You look so sweet and innocent :)

Anything but Bland said...

i have no idea about what camera is nice... if it's an alr you're probably good!

hafidz said...

Canon pun antara terbael punya DSLR punya kamera.
Memang better for beginners ;)


I've also gotten a new camera, did a post on it some time ago, my Sony is great for semi- beginners, very fun camera ;)

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Tara said...

you wont regret the camera at all! i have a Canon EOS 450D and love it immensely :)

ps. you have a very cute blog!


ekoy said...

I'd say, go for Canon's 100 series if you can afford to pay just a little bit more. Canon M'sia is offering a free 3 year warranty now.^^ But if you're looking for something lighter - Olympus Pen. It is a semi dslr cam that takes magnificent pictures.

Just a little 2 cents frm me, I realised that it is not really the camera that takes good pictures, it is how you take your pictures.

Isadora Filković said...

Hello lovely!

I have never used this specific camera, so I can't give you an advice on it. I tend to prefer Nikon over Canon, but I borrowed a Canon (5D Mark II) from a friend a while ago and really liked it.

There is a cool website where you can look up different cameras and compare them side-by-side as well:

I hope this is somewhat helpful to you! Good luck ;D

Have a magical week!