Monday, 14 February 2011

Your brown eyes are my blue skies.

''I Carry your heart with me ( I carry it in my heart ) i am never without it , anywhere i go you go'' - E.E Cummings

I did not mention in my last post , he went to Canada to further his studies Last Monday , 
7th February 2011 .. Love once again has tear us apart..

Was on Skype with him the other day , God knows how much I miss him . The weather in Toronto is really cold , he is trying to adapt to the changes and learning about his new place. School is going to start soon , I was so worried , before he left I was having a bad cold and seems like he got it from me. As we chatted I was crying , and somehow ironically he knew . He asked me am I crying, I said NO..he knew I was lying. I did not want him to worry because I want him to move on , he has a new life there, new faces to meet , and most probably he will meet someone new soon. Inside me I am dying , it was hard enough to be so far away from him, I could not touch him or hug him. He told him it was hard for him too but he won't show it to me because he knows I will cry. He knows I have not been sleeping for the past few days, why am I being so childish.

It's hard to act tough, I am falling apart. Days goes on, life seems the same. Every morning when I wake up I look at the sky, and wonders what is he doing ,the time difference is really crazy. Under the same sky, but miles and miles apart. I told him not to worry about me, because he is in my heart , so he is always near to me. He asked me if I like snow, he showed me the view from his condo.

 Well if things were meant to be, I might give up everything in Malaysia to be with him. 
Its too early to decide now ...if he found someone better I will let him go with an open heart.
''Can you help me?
Can you let me go
And can you still love me
When you can't see me anymore''

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Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

When you said "my little boy, how could I not worry about you" my heart just sunk.

You are a beautiful person my love, and you two will be together again soon.


Jessica said...

Jasmine! :(
This makes me so sad. You seem like the sweetest person.
I'm glad you are keeping in touch via internet and skype. I know the pains of a long distance relationship. It can be so tough but, with love and time I hope you will both be together soon.

SandraC said...

a long distance relationship is not easy to maintain i agree but u should not give up living HERE and think about what u can be with him over there. reality is u are here so dont give up, DONT die away so easily cause ur life is now HERE and not there yet. pick up the pieces and dont lie in the hole of sorrows for too long ok? ur smarter and better than this emo thing!

SusuanaLove said...


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about this! But long distance relationships can work if you are dedicated and it seems like you really are! Just stay strong and remember "lo que sera sera" whatever will be will be.

Jasmira Flower said...

Dear Jasmine! Cheer up, try to be strong and firmly, firmly believe in your love! Do not give up, I know it is you hard, but I also know that you will survive this separation!
Baby, hold on! And remember, today, Valentine's Day - Celebrate the love!

Laura said...

true love stays the course of time, and absence makes the heart grow fonder =)

minnja said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this!!!! But it can work if you both want it.
Whish you the best and LOVE

Bad Taste Toast said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry you two are going through hard times right now. Everything you wrote sounds so sad. Long distance relationships can work if both parts put some effort into it! And your boy really seems to care! I wish you both all the best and that everything will get better soon! Hugs!

Victoria said...

Jasmine! It's so good to see you back, but I'm so sorry to hear that your so heartbroken, you poor thing. I know it's a cliché, but time really is a healer and if it's meant to be it will be xxx

Pink Lady said...

hey... i was at and foud a perfect quote for you.

i hope this will cheer you up a little bit. :)

have a lovely day!!!
xoxo, pink lady <3

Marinka said...

OMG this is too sad, I know exactly how you feel.I met my boyfriend while we were applying to schools 3 years ago. And I really wanted to go to Paris, but that would have ment that we were going to be separated for 3 years, and somehow, I knew that I could not bear that pain. So I went to Canada with him, and though we live 2hours apart from each other its still better than to be separated by an ocean. I say if you really want to be with him, try at least to make the distance shorter , if you can of course! Love is something so rare that sometimes I feel its worth the sacrifice!

I hope you will be less sad as the days go by.
Best of Luck to you!