Friday, 22 April 2011

L'heure avait sonné - The Time has Come

April has been kind I guess, time does heal wounds, and with the love and support from my friends I have started to find peace in the heart and in mind.

I remember days when I don't feel like getting out of bed, I whined about every single thing, I cry over the littlest things. Then something struck me, I feel pathetic, vulnerable and I have become this annoying little freak who complains about the same old drama over and over again. Then I stop, I start going out more often with my girlfriends, partying, shopping, laughing about silly stuff, flirt a little and I felt good again. These are the things I have should do a long time ago.

A Big shout out to all friends who will be celebrating Easter Day, I wish you love


SandraC said...

welcome back beautiful.u have come back stronger, better and more mature. we frens and readers are so proud of u =)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post & a lovely blog, I just came across it this morning :) I agree, sad songs just make you feel worse! x

TheMadTwins said...

Heeeeeey, sweetheart!
I am so glad to read this!
It makes me happy as well, and if we were together I definitely had come over to do funny girl stuff!
I have a wonderful song actually, but it's in dutch, so you don't understand it. Perhaps I must translate a part :) It really fits you :)

Loves, London

TheMadTwins said...

This is it. I tried to translate it correct XD

Trough her tears she saw him disappear
The prettiest boy of her street
He sais: “I don’t want to appear anywhere with you
I don’t want any child-talk

But through the window
She saw her friends
They were calling her name
And they shouted

All the girls grab the power
Don’t let you humiliating
Get prepaired tonight
Put the ladder underneath the window

Grab the power
And soon the tide will turn
It’s girlsnight
Wait untill the full moon

At twelve she climbed down
She followed the girls near the woods
She all had been through a lot
They trusted the same boy to much

They felt magic
Een enternal friendship
No grief
He wasn’t worth her

All girl grab the power
And she tread his picture apart
Be ready tonight
Because the girls are ready

Grab the power
Live will get you strong
Do you feel the power
Our friendship in square

Nevertheless they grow apart
Most of them got married
There live perfect
But she want be sorry

All girls grab the power
And she got a beautiful daughter
And on girls night
She went to the woods with her

A woman’s laugh
Made her a moment suspicious
But it was girls night
All her friends were there

KANI said...

thankyou for visiting my blog! hope you have a lovely easter, be happy & keep smiling<3 all the best

pearlslaceandruffles said...

Such a lovely post, I completely agree that its a bad idea to listen to sad songs after a breakup! xo

Laura said...

Welcome back I've missed you so much =) I'm so glad your doing better! You gave such good advise definitly worth listening to.

PatriciaSilver said...

Aww, thank you very much c:
I adore your blog,

Lots of Love,

Amber Blue Bird said...

Miss Vampire, you're back! Yay! Its so nice to see you around again. Glad you are getting over your past and looking forward to a much brighter future :)

Jessica said...

I am glad your back! I've been so worried and miss you!
I love this picture of you. So pretty. :)

Have a Happy Easter/weekend!

Nicole✗✗ said...

Very beautiful photograph!! Sad songs are the worst when they are freshly relatable but it's oddly comforting at the same time. Happy Easter to you as well!

Peekaboo said...


Victoria said...

You look so beautiful in that picture Jasmine and I'm so so glad you're feeling better sweetie. It's great to have you back xxx

Bad Taste Toast said...

Hello dear!
I'm really glad to read you're starting to feel better about what happened. It's always sad to watch a relationship falling apart but it's just as you wrote above: after some time things will get better.
I wish you strength and happiness for getting over the hump very very soon. Chin up Jasmine :)
And thanks a lot for your lovely comment!

ching said...

waaah rachel yamagata's songs always breaks my heart.. :(( and you're right jasmine, no point in crying over someone who won't be there to pick up the pieces with you. it's nice to know you're back to being happy with yourself and with friends. yep i have FB.. type in my email: lucille_akazukin[at] :D

Marisa Noelle said...

I am not such a fan of sad songs. I really hate to's funny, my sister is quite opposite. She loves sad movies and sad songs...erg, I just can't handle. So happy your are doing better darling! Nice to see you back around:) xx Marisa

Dee said...

*hugs* :)

alexandra grecco said...

lovely blog ; )


Fydez said...

You look so beautiful. I'm glad I came across this blog as it's so lovely here. Love the vibe. XX

Joe's blog said...

I'm back and I'm happy to see you back here too. I missed your posts and wrote you an email some weeks ago. I think it didn't reach you...I hope you will stay and don't be away again for such a long time. I always enjoy your posts.

Luci said...

I love your blog.You write so nice!!!

Signe said...

Such a STUNNING picture of you dear, and glad to hear you have moved on :)

Roberto Fioravanti said...

Beautiful blog :)
i hope you visit my site

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

ahh thank you love for the sweet comments! yeah i LOVE vintage things! you have SUCH gorgeous hair!

Nina said...

you´re so beautiful, amazing photo! xo

Mr Lonely said...

flying airplane.. lol

Dizzy said...

I’m glad to hear you are ‘recovering’ from your heart break. I understand when you say sometimes you don’t even want to get out of bed and cried over every little thing. I know there were times, my heart literally felt like it was breaking, and my body was in so much physical pain. It seems like the longer you’re with someone, and the longer the love had time to grow, the longer and more excruciating the heartbreak is.

I’ve had my share of hurtful breakups, but one day when you find your true love. You know and start to understand why you had to endure each pain and trail. You are lead up to this point to be ready and prepare yourself for your true soul mate. You will never see it coming; there will be no hints, signs or warnings. He will be there to love you with all his heart, mind, body and soul; and pick up every piece broken from each heart break.

Emmi ja Elina said...

you're so pretty (: