Friday, 28 September 2012

Une Année Sans Lumière

I know I have been gone for almost 7 months! Here's 7 Happy Things I would love to share. Just a quick update, I will blog all about it in details soon ♥

  1.Gave my hair a major makeover! Dip Dye YAY! However,  it was supposed to be pink but ended getting a red hot foxtail instead.

Awesome job did by The Met Studio, Kuala Lumpur.

       Had an amazing 10 months ride in LivingSocial Malaysia. Joined them as their editor and gotten the opportunity to work with the most amazing editorial team ever. They are more than colleagues, they are my new found best friends and we work together like a family!

3. Visited Universal Studio, Singapore last month. Had so much fun with the girls

 My shopping trip in Bangkok. Love the culture, the friendly people and the exotic food

                  5.  My best friend Veronica got married and I am one the bridesmaid

 Been together with my fat boy for more than a year now

7. Discovered this amazing band, alt-J (∆). Your mind will be blown away I swear, their music will be stuck in your head for days, or weeks. Do check them out.



YrMngldHrt said...

Oh, I LOVE Alt-J! A friend of mine discovered them a few months ago and gave me the album. Can't stop listening to it.
And your hair looks great!
Seems you had a nice time in the past 7 months :)

Amber said...

you're back! oh how I've missed you :) I need to see more of you hair asap!

Laura said...

So glad to see that you're doing well! I always enjoy your posts, It looks like the past 7 months have been good ones and your hair is fantastic! <3 the color on it =)

Chunny said...

I miss your post. Even though you've been gone for so long I never abandoned you. Hehe. I think the hair color turns great. You look lovely in it. Congratulations on your anniversary with your bf. Welcome back! =)

Janessa Sanio said...

Yay you're back! <3

Dizzy said...

Your Hair is Amazing!

never heard of Alt-J, but i will check 'em out!

Welcome back hun!

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