Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Have a Happy Meal Emo kid

Have been so so uninspired lately..I had so much to write but so little time to do so..Watched an episode of the old sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S lately..then a part of the Theme song is like stuck in my head right now

Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A ( dead on arrival)
It's like you're always stuck in second gear

As usual Shit happens..Within this two days..I understand the pain of betrayal..I see
people did horrible things and they did whatever they can even by hurting people around them to get what they want..Some did not realize the shit they're gonna put others into..Or maybe they realized but they prefer to put themselves first. I learned that friendship can be so fragile.For the 999th times..i'm gonna say I hate office politics and i hate conflict and misunderstanding..Its giving me such a rough time and to be honest i wish the ground just break into two and suck me into it..!

I wish i can let everyone know that I'm not a programmed robot which laughs 24 hours..I had my bad days too and when i don't feel like laughing at lame jokes..i can have the option to show my fart face..Because seriously You're jokes aren't that funny ! So am i suppose to pretend it was? ..If thats really the case, who don't i just paint my Joker Face and smile at everyone's Bullshit ?

I wish i had a money tree right now, then i can bloody throw in my resignation letter and walk away in style ! Im so sick ..Soooo sick of everything , all the crap i need to do , the bullshit people are selling everyday and the fake people which i hate to entertain...But i need money in my pocket and cash in my bank...So i need to continue living in this hell....

I wish i can go drinking with Mary tonight but i'm just not in the mood..I bet she's really pissed by now because i'm not returning calls..and not replying her texts..But i guess she wont know that i just had a super fucked day at work..

I think im gonna have Migraine real soon..I dont feel like going home but i dont know where else can i go..I feel like crying on a shoulder but i dont know who i can turn into..I'm so fucking tired...GOD !

At this point i dont need anyone to understand me or read whats on my mind ..Dont blame me for not telling ...cause even if i do one will ever understand..

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE me.................

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