Monday, 15 June 2009

Old Fart Day

2 weeks and 3 days to my stupid birthday...Tick tock tick tock..GOD ! Please please please Stop the time..I don't want to turn 23 ! I don't want to be OLD....I don't think there will be any massive celebration this year..I can't find a TOAD to kiss..and all my pill popping buddies are back in Penang..SO i guess there wont be any crazy drunkfuck parties ...I'm going for yet another Photo shoot session on the 1st of July and my Old Fart Day, July 2nd falls on a Thursday which means i gotta work..Sigh...

I guess the happiest Birthday i've ever celebrated was my 21st back in Penang..When Grandma and Grandpa are still around..Friends and Family came and enjoyed a good dinner prepared by my Grandma..Then hit B.E.D with my friends for a round of drink..I used to love Birthdays alot when i were little...The presents, the cake , the celebration....There's a year when Grandma made me a chocolate cake with loads of icing..( I missed her) Now as my 'numbers' are adding up each year. I wish that Particular date can just bloody disappear from the Calendar..

And not forgetting Ghab got me a miniature DKNY- Be Delicious with a note saying that he actually remember every single thing i've said..That was very very nice of him..Cause i did mention that i like that scent..I still have that bottle with me..Its so cute lol

I wonder what Mum is gona get me this year..She said she's gona get me a Mp3 Player but i ady bought it myself..I know what i want for my Birthday ! My wish list is COMING SOON!...

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