Thursday, 11 June 2009

Shopaholic? Maybe YES Maybe NO

Guess what i did to my last rm 300 that was suppose to last me till this end of the Month..

I'm so freaking broke...I've spend Rm 1.1 K in 10 days ! I'm not showing off..I'm just grinning my teeth that I'm actually gettin out of control when it comes to spending...Today is like 11th of June and fuck me , i only have rm 500 left...Which means NO MORE unnecessary spending.. What did i bought ? I cant even bloody remember..Let me see...Well, i Spend some on liquor, Clothes...more clothes i guess..What Else? ...During the first week of the month me and Yvonne drove all the way to Mines Shopping Center to get my very first Crocs - Mary Jane pumps ( Alice , Grape )
Mum was like nagging non stop....' Please look at all your clothes...u keep on buying but never get rid off any of the old ones...There's no more place to keep all of ur junk..and Stop buying so much pair of only have 2 feet...'
Too bad mum hahaha i wish i could take your advise seriously..The other day i bought this Glittering Pumps from NOSE and i fucking love it ! I wore it yesterday and i cant stop admiring it..Shimmer Shimmer SHINE :)

Honestly i'm a Scrooge..i don't like buying expensive stuff..Cause to me labels doesnt matter..The Price is not the matter..As long as i look good in it..But at times..i might invest some of my well kept Money on something really really expensive that i really really Like...But as usual i will regret it and start sulking...

The best thing that i bought this month was my SONY NWZ-E436F walkman ..and for only RM 299 ! What a catch..If i had extra cash i would definetely go for the 8 gb model...but too bad it doesnt come in Pink..So i got the 4gb instead..and hell yeah its PINK BABY !...

The next thing on my TO DO LIST is rob a bank..Then i shall continue my shopping spreee...Weee

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