Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Save Your ♥ For Me

I first read about this track from a review in a music blog , then i downloaded it and i was like thinking BLAHH, what a weird song and totally forgotten about it then this few days i put my ear phone on and while waiting for the God Damn bus in the morning, i played this song and put in on repeat and as weird as it seems, i am totally addicted right now. Brilliant brilliant track ! totally it !

And i was wondering , is there anyone out there who loves the kind of music i love and i'm glad that there are ! They are out there somewhere !

check out some of this really awesome music blog

  • ( thanks to Fitry , he recommended this page cause he knows i love weird bands )
  • P/s check out his T shirt Design in melongray ! its superb !

Support Indie Music !

I am feeling hyper when i knows that i am not the only one who loves the music i love !

of the moment : Save Your Love For Me - Quinn Walker
( you can check out Suckers version too, Both are equally Brilliant ! )

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