Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Ho Ho Hoe

Syiok-ing sendiri under the big Christmas tree

1st of December ..Already ?
and because i'm lame, out of ideas and lazy
This random shit will be my very first December Post :)

10 Things You Want For Christmas
1. Money to pursue my degree in Fine Arts
2. Diana + F Lomo Cam
3. Holga ( lomo cam)
4. Polaroid
5. Antique Music Box
6. Antique hand mirror
7. Heart Pendant which i can put photos in it and wears it around my neck
8. Complete Collection of all Beatles's Albums
9. A new Sony 8gb mp3 Player, 16gb will be better
10. Dead Poet's Society original DVD or cetak rompak, it doesn't matter..i want this movie so badly

9 musicians/bands you love:

1. Beatles
2. Los Campesinos !
3. Sigur Ros
4. Angus and Julia Stone
5. Lykke Li
6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
7. Simon and Garfunkel
8. Vivian Girls
9. Couer De Pirate

8 things you do everyday:
1. Sleep
2. Listen to Music
3. OverEAT
4. Dig my nose
5. fart
6. daydream
7. bitching

7 things you enjoy:

1. Music
2. sarcasm
4. the sight of stacked books in an old book store
5. the smell of a coffee house ( its ironic cos i never like coffee)
6. movie which makes me cry
7. rides in the back of the car ,looking out of the window with my ear phones :)

6 things that will always win your heart:

1. music junkie who loves music and can talk music with me , if you get what i mean..
2. someone who can pisses me off so badly but at the same time makes me laugh
3. someone who enjoy insanity as much as i do
4. wicked sense of humor
5. someone who makes me feel like im everything even when im nothing
6. someone who will at least pretends to like the things i like..

5 favourites:
1. Movie: Dead Poet's Society
2. Song: Ellen Save our Energy - Windmill ( my addiction of the moment )
3. Book: Complete Collection of Fairy Tales from Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson
4. Food: Burger and Fries
5. Season: Autumn.. i guess

4 smells you enjoy:

1. Lavender
2. Marshmallow
3. Frangipani ( bunga Kemboja)
4. jasmine

3 places you want to go:

1. Florence , Italy
2. South of France
3. Tibet

2 Favorite Celebrity

1. Nicholas Saputra
2. Bono U2 for saving the world

1 person you’d marry on the spot:

1. River Phoenix if he is still alive

of the moment : Ageless Beauty - Stars

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