Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Winter Solstice - Soh Eee ( in Hokkien )

Soh EE ( People calls it Tong Yuen here ) is definetely my favourite chinese desert , no doubt ! I just love the sight of it , the colours, the smell of the hot ginger rock sugar syrup and the sweetness is simply delightful.

When we're little , the best thing about having Soh Ee is the process of making it , me and my sisters will help my grandparents to roll out mini colourful balls .I will normally roll out more pink ones.And instead of the typical round balls, we willl compete to make new shapes, we will create smiley faces, animals and any silly and odd shapes that we can imagine.But in the end, our 'creative' soh ee obviously dont look as pretty as we want it to be, once everything is drop into the bowling hot syrup . It will either sticks together or the the smiley face we made will look like a plastic surgery malfunction . And ends up nobody wanting to eat them.

Every time we had Soh Eee, Ah Kong will remind us that we're one year older and ask us to be good . Now we're all grown up, we dont made Soh EEe anymore, my Grandparents are no longer here. Plus we can just simply get the Instant One from the supermarket. And that is what exactly Mum is gonna make this year , I've just check with her tru MSN ! Bonkers !

P/s: I hope that everyone will have a good time tonight with their loved ones. Do Remember that Soh Ee is a symbolic of fullness and being together.

I miss you Ah Ma and Ah Kong

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Mary said...

i missed them too. I missed you badly as well.

love, Mary