Friday, 13 January 2012

FriYAY - Picture should paint happiness

Friday has always been my favorite day of the week.
nd so I've decided that every 5th day of the week I will share 5 random things which made me smile.
Here we go

Cotton candy (pink cloud machine)

Letter, train tickets and charms from Japan ( Thanks Ekoy )

Pretty flowers

Pretending to be white rabbits
Last but not least, my current fav song


Marisa Noelle said...

My goodness Jasmine...this is such a cute idea and could your list of things be any lovelier? Not possible:) Cotton candy surely is the dreamiest confection, it reminds me of going to the circus as a little girl. Have a very sweet weekend darling lady!


Hola preciosa acabo de conocer tu blog me ha encantado asi que desde ya tienes nueva seguidora!
precioso post,besitos.

Chunny said...

Friday is also my favorite day of the week. I was born on a Friday and it is the last day of work. I love all your photos. Yummy cotton candy it makes me wanna eat one right now. =)

Paula said...

you are so sweet for having read my post of the dream catcher by google translate and your post was adorable! thank you so much :)

Rachel said...

than you for your lovely comment, Jasmine! your photos are beautiful. this is such a good idea! hope you have a wonderful friday :)

Vale said...

Muchos saluditos me encanto tu blog *-* algodon de azucar <3
te sigo :)
saluditos bye

Bad Taste Toast said...

Aawww what a cute post, the white rabbits photo is adorable! :)
Have a wonderful weekend dear!

Amber said...

i am really liking the song. will have to check more of their stuff out. they remind me a bit of Edward Sharp and the magnetics.

Tesa said...

nice blog!

YrMngldHrt said...

That's a great idea! :)
Love the song, too. An also "Champion Sound"! :)

Jessica said...

I love your choice in music, flowers, cotton candy and white rabbit poses. :)
And Friday is my favorite as well.
I hope you're doing well.

tia said...

I ♥ your entry.

Joe's blog said...

It's not so important. It's just the name of the mineral and the place where it was found. I hope you'll have a nice weekend. It's cold, windy and rainy here so I think we'll stay home the whole day long. Maybe I'll cook something special. What do you like for breakfast? I'm having a fruit smoothie and some rice cakes now. :-)

Lizelisabeth said...

Hi there lovely! I just stumbled upon your blog thru google image when I tried to find certain image. Oh, gotta loveee your sweet blog! Love the flower bush on the second last photo. Def can't wait to read more inspiration, so I'm now following you. ;) Hope you can drop by mine sometime.

Hug and kiss kiss,

jeune,sauvage et libre said...

Jasmine,GRACIAS, todo eso que me dices me llega al corazón y me hace sentir muy especial.
Pero sin personas como tú,todas mis palabras no servirían para nada.

Eres una magnifica persona,preciosa por fuera y por dentro.
Y me alegro que hagas sentir bien a todas las personas que están en tu vida.

Muchos besos.

Shelbby said...

That you for visiting and for the lovely comments. I do live in Toronto and I love it here!! You should come down. There is so much to do and see!! =) - follow me,xo

Polly Bland said...

I'm so glad you're back to blogging :) You were always one of my favorites! I love your new header photo, too! <3 Hope you are well, doll!

love, polly :D

erica marie said...

I wish I had a cotton candy machine, that would be so awesome! Hope you are having a great weekend.

xo erica

Fay Oberdorf said...

Love your header!
Thanks a lot for your sweet comment on my blog honey, i really appreciate it :]
Hope you will like my blog!

canvasofculture said...

gorgeous photos! so ethereal and cute:)

indie by heart said...

Lovely post <3 So nice photos. Thanks for all your comments dear, * kisses! ^^ *

Have a great day,

xx Satu
Indie by Heart

Chimi : ) said...

You have such a lovely blog right here! & yes fridays are always exciting for me. It's more like i live for it:P & btw i love the pictures.
With mucho love Chimi!

Rebecca said...

I've always thought that candy floss looked like pink clouds - and it tastes amazing too!

laila ariff said...

your photos are so cute!! <3<3<3

Rebecca said...

I haven't had candyfloss for SO long! And I love rabbits, it's not very often I pretend to be one (:

hafidz said...

sedapnya makan gula2 kapas :D ngee :d

Bad Taste Toast said...

Hello dear! How have you been? Hope everything is fine.

I just wanted to let you know that there's a cool giveaway over at my blog at the moment, so if you're interested, this is the link:

Happy Sunday! :)

indie by heart said...

Have a Happy Valentine's Day dear! ^^

Indie by Heart

ps. I listened to this song again - lovely. ^^

Joe's blog said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Vi said...

Yesterday I thought about the same thing :)
Oh, I love letters and train tickets!

Lola said...

Lovely pictures! And I love that song, too. I just saw them live last year :) That was great <3