Monday, 24 June 2013


Meeting up with my girlfriends last night made me realize how amazing what a year can do. It's funny how close we become, I met all of them at Veronica's wedding, we're all her bridesmaid. They were all school mates and Pei Qi is Veronica's Uni mate. Now we're all best friends.

At Chantelle's birthday dinner, I'm amazed by how things have changed in everyone's life. Last year, all of them are excited about their weddings. This year, 3 of them are already happily married, Pei Qi met Sean, Joe just welcome her baby girl and Veronica is now 6 months pregnant.

Chantelle and her husband were schoolmates since they were 13, she have always had a crush on him but he didn't knew. She was a tomboy, and he was always making fun of her. The spark did not start a fire back then. Few years later, after high school was way past tense, only they bump into each other, started contacting again, dated and got married this year. It was really meant to be.

Everyone is glowing in happiness. At all gatherings, weddings, birthday dinners, I attended solo. They know I am going through a rough year so to cheer me up they jokingly said, "Who knows by next year, you won't be sitting alone, perhaps the empty chair next to you will be taken" and I just laugh it off and say "Happiness is expensive, and I could not afford it. But I am saving up to buy a spinster home and perhaps I could adopt a cat which is as grumpy as me."

One of the most wonderful feeling - watching your best friend venturing into another great chapter of life. Veron and Andrew's baby boy is on his way :)

Some people are so blessed. 

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Lovely photos... Oh, friends are so important to us! x

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