Friday, 24 April 2009

The EX from HELL

Don't you just wish u can delete some of the useless people who only gives u shit through out your life..

Those who only come to u when they need you..Those who took advantage of you and used u because they think they can..

First of all Please fuck off from my life because you're so so SO YESTERDAY..You think you're cute and my life will crumble without you? Obviously things are not going that way.. While you're too Fucking busy syok sendiri ..I've moved on with my life and rocking it ..My world does not evolves around yours

You think i'm your 24 hours ATM? Where's your dignity Pussyhead? Sorry but do you mind to create a better story the next time u expect help from me ? Don't bloody use the same old excuse ..Cause i don't CARE ANYMORE..Even if you die tomorrow Its not my Bloody business..

Why don't u turn to the pussy which u fucks everynight? If she's Dumb enough to be with a Loser like you..I guess she wont be that smart to turn down the shit you're trying to sell..

Please stop bugging me cause NO I'm NOT GONA LOAN YOU MONEY not even if u can give me 1000 Reasons ! I hate people like you and you disgust me..

You're a fucking spoiled Brat ! Your parents are filthy rich and i guess they're sick of u as well..God gave you 2 hands..Go and work !But you rather be a Dog which chases after Bitches and expect them to buy you your life..

I'm not the 16 year old idiot who sit and waits for you .....Things changed, people changed..You obviously did not cause you're still the same old moron..get a life Ben

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