Thursday, 2 April 2009

So called Editor's Note ( ME )

I'm not a professional writer , plus my purpose here is not to write fake crap to entertain anyone..Friends said i wrote depressing shit, well welcome to my dark side then . Thanks to all of you who actually spend your precious time reading everyone F* word in my posts haha..Excuse my manners please . I dont' see why i should act all proper and prim when i'm not.

I used to write about love ...Its all about the Lurvvee thing...This boy , that boy bla bla bla..And ended up happy posts always turns into pathetic heartbroken stuff...I laughed when i read back all the old stuff that i wrote years ago and of course i've deleted everything..Aren't you sick of reading the same old pathetic stuff ? About how happy i am to fell for someone and then how sad ,how suicidal i felt when he left me ? I'm getting a little too old for all this silly love thing..

Some people actually thinks that i'm Fake and pretentious..they say i write stuff like this to make myself look cool ..ha ha can i just laugh ? I felt so so sorry that you're such a loser , jealous are you ? Thanks for making me the center of attention ..Something which u will never be ! IM FUCKING AWESOME i know.. I know ! Are you mad ? Why ? Its because u know you will never be like me..Why bother to read my stuff if u think i suck ?

I'm looking forward to write more shits about life .. ! But lately i'm so deadly uninspired..I wish i'm smart enough to write about politics..Its like free entertainment to watch all those educated power crazy fools kicking each other's balls..In my opinion all politicians are nominees for Grammy Awards..Fucking FAKE..Enough of this issue..Well , i don't wana get arrested by the ISA

To be honest , blogging is the only way to express all the hidden feelings i kept inside of me..Things that i find it hard to share with people around me. Friends see me as a person who is loud and crazy , So it eventually means that i'm a 24 hours happy person ! Sorry to say i'm not. Its kinda easy to predict my extremely quite when I'M NOT HAPPY..I'm not a robot which is programmed to make people happy.

Still....IF you're still reading this by now..Thanks =)

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