Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Au Revoir Couer , Fascinating New Thing

Its been 1 month and 3 days now..i wonder why am i counting

Randomly out of no where,

I've decided to end this madness..I am losing myself , whats difference am i with everything that i am against of , i laugh at girls who will sit by the phone and wait for the guy to call, i mock fun at girls who spend most of their time talking and thinking about their boy..I used to see myself an independent modern girl who don't need a boyfriend to show the world that i am happy..Are boys really that big deal? Then when it comes to him , my mind just went retarded and dysfunctional ..Love? Like ? Crush? whatever it was, i knew i liked him ..Now i ask myself 'What the fuck am i doing '

Is this how liking someone feels like? Or is it just the thrill i felt when i don't get something that i want..Friends said i just want him because i knew the harder it was to get what i want , the more i crazy i gets..but when i finally had it, i'll get bored of it..well, I DONT KNOW ..all i know now is i like him ! i don't know why, i don't have a bloody reason and i don't understand how But i like him..

Reading my old posts makes me sick , where is my pride? Why did i even made him the reason and my inspiration to write..

I felt so stupid and tired

I guess the Merry Go Round has finally stop spinning , its time to get off and puke ..

Goodbye heart..its time to seal it up and lock it again

This will be my last time to write about stupid things like feelings and emotions and ...him.....

Said it like i mean it..

So long, fascinating new thing...


of the moment : Until We Bleed- Keerup Feat Lykki Li * i'll never get bored of this song

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