Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Fuck Facebook , Fuck you and you and You

FUCKDEAD tired ,

7 hours of sleep is still never enough for me, im like a desperate addict without my morning fix.

DAMN ...

Logged into Facebook and as usual........its all of the bullshit below

Facebook is fully spammed with over-shared information..Annoying meaningless status. Straight guys who are desperate to adds up every single girl from your friend list ( slow down buddy, you dont just insert your tiny dick into any hole u see ) NOW DO U KNOW WHY U ARE DELETED from my friend list?..Stalkers who stalks your page everyday and leaving idiotic comments on every single thing u post..YOU ARE DELETED TOO
Geeklords posting up not so funny clips , Miss Miss cutie wannabe posting up lame chinese videos .OHMYGOD its so irritating..Wait till i start to talk about the people who is screaming for attention in Facebook..Typical Chinese trying to be Japanese, Adults trying to act cute like kids..Sluts desperately needs a dick posting up semi porn photos ,Grown up ugly women trying to strike model poses and look like shit ! Ugly and uglier photos are uploaded and they think its cool..If i know i look like crap , i will not post up my ugly photo and say ' oh i look like crap' and expect people to comment on it with denials comments such as ' Oh you are pretty my dear' Losers commenting each other's everything ...

By the way all of the losers above are removed from my Facebook ( so please dont syiok sendiri , i am not talking about you if you felt that im writing about you ) Some of you are still in my list cause i am trying not to be a pain in the ass bitch :)

Well, i admit i'm being shallow, Cause if you're good looking , popular and if you're naturally cool , you gets away with all of the above, But it gets to my nerves when you're a geek but you 're trying so hard to show the world that you're cool? arghh things dont work this way laaaH..But, i guess you're a little cooler than your dorky friends..

I am not mean , i am just telling the ugly truth

What irritates me most is guys who post up really fucked up status , if you're being so emotionally depressed , why dont you just jump off a building or drink up a bottle of detergent or do slit your wrist..JUST DO whatever it takes as long as i dont see anymore gay status of yours in Facebook..

And also, PLEASE stop publishing every single lame quizzes ! One or two a day is okay but some people are like so kiasu... ARGHHHHHHH .....Its blinding my eyes...it hurtsss...MY EYES...................

Why are some people so plain dumb ? Its okay if u wanna share stuff with your friends but over do it by posting a lame status every 1 hour of the day is fucking spamming my home wall..and I am not interested to know..WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION...How can someone's life be happening when you're stuck in front of your desktop updating your lifeless life every single second, minute and hour of the day ! GET A LIFE LOSERSSSSSsss !

Nobody wants to know every single detail of your daily boring life..

I used to be a Facebook addict too, i posted up music videos from time to time too , i write notes , i comment on my friend's photos and stuff...I check out my old friend's photos and updates to stay in touch..I posted up status with quotes , lyrics and whatever that is on my mind ..BUT I DID NOT OVER DO IT LIKE THEM , cause i don't need all this unwanted attention, I HAD A LIFE , a real one...IN YOUR FACE = p

I am enjoying my chocolate sundae will trashing people like u

of the moment : Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear

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Jess said...

wow... i'm not only not deleted, but i received ur award by way of spamming my page. i am indeed honoured.

p/s yes, i'm your stalker too. i stalk ur blog every single day. BECAUSE I AM DAMN BORED AT WORK AND THIS IS ONE OF THE ONLY ENTERTAINMENT PERMISSIBLE! hahaha!