Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Rediscover ♫

These are a handful of indie artist that i like and listen to a lot lately..Their music is brilliant , but so sad to say that 75% of Malaysian are into mainstream music which has been over commercialized ..I have nothing against mainstream bands..Its just not my thing. Plus i don't really fancy watching MTV or listen to local radio anymore..Cause obviously they over played certain songs from certain artist, I swear i'm gonna throw up the next time i hear any track from Lady Gaga or Black Eye Peas. People likes to judge me from the type of music i listen to , and let me it clear for one last time , i don't label the music i listen to, I listen to whatever i want , whenever i want..

Just because i don't listen to some shitty bands which is suppose to be the ' Biggest Thing ' right now or screaming like an idiot in some over crowded concert full of posers and the crap band they worshiped , Doesn't mean i am WEIRD , and i don't claim myself an indie kid , i just happen to love indie music

Music is a Universal Genre so Why Stereotype?

Los Campesinos ! My Fav Band of the moment

Angus and Julia Stone

Vivian Girls

Joanna Newsom ( Peach , Plum , Pear got me addicted )

Ingrid Michaelson

Grizzly Bear

The Shins

Laura Marling

Slow Club

Noah and the Whale

of the moment :She's got you High - Mumm Ra

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cynthia said...

just by the songs playing on your blog, i know we share similar taste in music (read: Awesome). heh heh ;)