Monday, 26 April 2010

Oh Lately its So Quite

Spending my Sunday night drafting this is not my idea of fun. Its been a dizzy merry Go Round ride , spinning spinning spinning till I can barely feel my feet on the ground but I think this is the end. ‘Learning to love somebody don’t make them love you ‘’ ..Jack Johnson-Sitting Waiting Wishing

Kinda says it all huh , I like how certain songs sings out the unsaid words that i kept inside.Which is why im always posting up songs that makes me think of him in pubic space. Obviously .Indirectly im trying to say out loud , Hey fucker NOTICE ME , can u please just fucking pay attention for once..But it’s kinda ironic that people who cares are those who don’t matter, and he who matters never really care. That really upsets me, but well, me cant blame others for my own foolishness.

Like last Saturday ,i spent my afternoon for Gino’s photo shoot and when I got home , im so freaking tired I nearly doze off in the evening, but I stay awake just in case he call , but of course it did not happen . That is totally stupid I know.

Its easy to lose your mind when you lose your heart via I wrote this for you.

Perhaps its just an obsession , perhaps he’s just in my long long list of Things I want that I cant get . Deal with it and move on already bitch .

A good friend said

‘’ You don’t need a person who is never here for you when you’re down , when you had a rough day at work , when u need someone to talk to . You don’t need a person who never cares about you , your new job, your insecurities , your worries , he don’t care about anything. You’re just a nobody . ‘’

So whats the point of worrying if Im never good enough or how to change myself for him to like me or what can I do to make him notice me , or worse to worry if he already liked someone else.

Ignorance is Bliss

of the moment: Sitting , Waiting , Wishing -Jack Johnson

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