Friday, 14 May 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day

I don't like to brag about my mum cause if i do , you'll wish she's your mum LoL
Well my mum is a Wonder Woman who has super power !

WonderMum Facts
She is a freak who watches all this Korean Dramas
( she loves it more if its some cheesy love story) , one night she was sitting in front of the TV watching Korean News , i was like WTF mum now you understand Korean huh

She likes Male singers with husky voice ( Rod Stewart , Bryan Adams )

She watches Hindustani movies and is secretly in love with Shah Rukh Khan , She cries watching Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham..

When i'm young , she plays Bee Gees Songs on repeat during bedtime , i swear i can sing every single Bee Gees hits.

We watched Grease ( her fav movie ) for like a gazillion times , that is basically one of the early movies that i remember watching.

She collects a million cook books and recipes but never make any of them haha
( well she likes to boast about her cooking )

Now she's cocky as she 'learned' how to download songs online , uses MSN , and has a Facebook. She had Rihanna's Hating in the club in her celly and think thats cool !

She complains about me buying way too much clothes and shoes , but please look at her closet and look who's talking..

She calls me little fat bitch

I'll just pick out one of our typical 'normal' mum/daughter conversation via Skype the other day
I am complaining that i am flat broke this month and she starts to nag about me over spending

I say : Dont be jealous ..i am rich and fabulous ..
Mum says :'' You think you're the fat lady who marries the black guy on TV ? ''

She is referring to ( Kimora Lee Simmons , E Channel's reality Show Life in The Fab Lane )

Happy Mother's Day mum , the lunch me and Janis bought you in Pasta Zanmai caused me Diarrhea for 2 days ! and i am still flat broke , ehem

Of the Moment : How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees


She's Jess said...

ANd your mum can mix with your friends well!

v a m p i r e said...

Jess , thanks for reading lol , i love your mum too , she's awesome ! hahaha we both have cool mums

*湧*户手册 - Wild, Damaged n Bossy said...

Jess, u r damn right, Allice the wonderwoman really lovable~!! hahah, Jasmine, reading this really hang a wide big smile on my numb face~!