Wednesday, 19 May 2010

If Music is what Feeling Sounds like ♫ May 2010

This are the songs which I play on repeat like a broken record , gosh I cant imagine life without good music , Its like having a big bowl of cheerios without milk , its like having a 100 perfect dresses but without the perfect shoe

Angus and Julia Stone – And the Boys
Poe- Strange Wind ..’’I hear you in my head’’
Here We Go Magic – Collector ( gosh totally hooked on this )
Florence and the Machine – Blinding
Phantogram- Mouthful of Diamonds
The XX-Crystalised
Jonsi- Go Do
She & Him – I’ve should have known better ( Beatles Cover )
Goldfrapp – Rocket
Lucy in The Loo – Reality Bites
Passion Pit –Dreams ( Cranberries cover)
Architecture in Helsinki – Fumble
Dead Man’s Bones – Lose Your Soul ( my new fav band )

Not everyone get the kind of music I listen to, But So What ! Recently someone said I listen to songs that makes him wants to fall asleep , and the reason I loved music so much is because I have no life.

Well another good friend of mine Elee said , What do you do when you receive a gift you don’t want to accept? I ‘ll give it back the giver of course , so kindly take back your Insult .

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