Monday, 24 May 2010

Hello GoodBye

Oh kay , so I sorta write more than stuff about Fascinating New Thing that I originally planned. And I guess every story must have an ending, but of course there is no end to things that haven’t even started.

Lately my good friend Chloe borrowed me a book , wrote by a Singaporean girl about her love life . It was very thoughtful of  her .But to my surprise I hate that book because not only the author is pathetic , she uses also a lot of BIG words such as heartbroken , heartache and make it sound like it’s the end of the world , not to mention she includes a photo of herself in every single chapter which makes me wonder IF the book she wrote is really to help out other girls not to fall for guys who only wants to get in their pants or to promote herself in some tacky ways .And also she likes to use…..which makes the whole thing superb annoying. Well so she did wrote some stuff which every girl can relate to but I just don’t like it.

But in some ways , I kinda see myself in her writing , making the boy such a big deal,all this shit about love and heartbreaks and its just OH SO PATHETIC . One word LAME. And I am referring to myself too

Truth is I don’t know a shit about love , I don’t think I’ll ever know how to love someone.And the stupid Fascinating New Thing I wrote about don’t even like me and I’d be lying if I say I felt nothing when I found about it.I cried like an idiot that night , I stayed up listening to sad songs ( as if that will make me feel better ) ,slept less than 3 hours and went to work the next day like a walking zombie.I talk to close friends about it and hoping they’ll say things I want to hear. I’m Totally in denial.

See the problem with us girls is we’re being too emotional. People say listen to your heart , so I did and that is the dumbest thing I’ve done. My heart asked me to run and hit the wall and that’s exactly what I did and I hit my head so hard that I finally come to my senses that well maybe I should Listen to MY HEAD ! Now do you see how important Logic was ?

So you like this boy bla bla bla , he likes someone else bla bla bla.It hurts you but it doesn’t kill you yet . So what? When you cant get Ice Cream then get Gelato , and if you have no luck at all then there always is Yoghurt. Get what I mean ? I wanted to say theres plenty of fishes is the sea but that phrase is so overrr used.

Don’t make yourself a joke , self pity and trying to tell the world how down you were doesn’t change a thing. Friends are the nicest people as they really listen to me but if I kept whining over the same thing over and over again I guess they’ll start to stuff cottons in their ears.

Au Revoir Fascinating New Thing
Opps to those who really spend time reading this and is clueless about what exactly Fascinating New Thing was. It’s a boy. And you’re lucky enough because this will be the finale of it.

''No girl should ever forget that she doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her.''
Marilyn Monroe

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mentalnutz said...

Dont you think you deserves someone who can make u happy