Friday, 18 June 2010

My Monster ♥

My little monster is here for the holidays, YAY ! I never really like children but she is exceptional even though she can be the worst pain in the ass sometimes. She’s a cartoon addict, she can watches all those lame cartoons over and over again. The other day I watched all this nonsense cartoons with her, there is this show about a boy who went to an animal school , then there is another show about Sushis who has super powers , I’m like what the F .

What ever happen to good old cartoons like The Little LuLu Show

Last night she watch me paint my finger nails with fascination, so I let her play with my pink nail polish, and she’s like superb excited about it. A child who fascinates over an adult’s world, she reminds me so much about myself when I’m at her age.

Kids wish to grow up and adults wish they were kids again, Isn’t it Ironic

When I was 10 , I used to love to play with my mum’s cosmetic , wear her high heels and imagine I am  walking on a runaway .What I love most is when play’ treasure hunt’ and digs out her jewelries box to play with her chandelier ear rings , faux pearls , chunky bracelets and necklaces . And in the end of the day, I will be in deep shit when I got caught.

My mum and late grandma has the craziest collection of clothes, I swear to God it’s in the family genes. When my grandpa died we had to move to a smaller house, my grandma donated almost a whole truck load of clothes to the Salvation Army, I am not making this up.

When I was 10, it took my mum forever to look at shoes and bags, I used to sulk while waiting impatiently for her to take me to the Toys department I remember asking her
 ‘’Mummy are you not bored buying so many pair of shoes and bags, and she said ‘’Wait till you’re older then you’ll know”
Now as I’m all grown up, she’ll be the one nagging‘’ How many pairs of shoes do you need when you only have 2 feet’’ lol

When I was 10, my grandma used to tie my hair in different styles, one day I was in a debate competition and she tied my hair up into two buns which made me look like Princess Leia from Stars Wars. And all the seniors came and pinch my chubby cheeks complimenting on how cute I look. Sometimes when she got fed up of me wanting her to style my hair, she’d sarcastically asked if I’m going to school or joining a beauty pageant ! God, I miss her so much..

As a child I think I pretty live in a world of my own, I day dream a lot and that’s  the only thing that has never changed in me.

As a kid , when I see my aunts , back then teenagers puts on their make up and wear trendy clothes , talked about their boyfriends and listen to cool music , I secretly wish to grow up as fast as I can So that one day I can be like them.

Now at 24 , I wish I could get up in the morning and live a day without painting my face I wish I could sing out loud in public , I wish I could laugh when I want , cry out loud when I want , scream when I want to without having to need a reason to do so. I wish I could believe in everything and know nothing. I wish that I could be angry with the world and forgotten all about it when I wake up in the morning. I wish I could be the simple minded girl who doesn’t need a reason to be happy.

ps-she's not my daughter , she's my cousin . So please Don't be an idiot and make stupid assumptions

Of the Moment :  MGMT- Kids



hahahahah!!!! thx thxxx vampire n i really love ur blog so much lerrr <3 xoxox

v a m p i r e said...

thanks thanks ♥ So nice to hear that :)

Ultraman said...

yoh! much less negativity and more positive posts on your blog. big big BIG improvement i see there.

and i dont remember your little monster being that cute in the pic. haha. i suggest you advice her to lose that tummy of hers or she'll regret it later.

anyway, your blog is kinda nice to read on free time. but still, wall of text hits you critical 5000 points. haha

cheers :)