Monday, 21 June 2010

The Best Man in My Life

Those who knew me well enough will know that I grew up without having a father.And if you have the heart to know me better you will know the reason why.

I am super lucky because I don’t need to fork out money to get gifts or buy dinner as I don’t celebrate Fathers Day. Every Father’s Day is just another day which existed in the Calender, and it’s also a special day for me to remember and write angry stuff about my ‘Deady’, Happy Deady Day ,Mr Tony suck my dog's balls.

But this year I will like to write from my heart and so I hereby dedicate this post to my Late Grandfather

He was …

The one who came to my rescue each time I misbehave and was about to get a hell of wacking from my grandma or my mum.

The one who bought me Doraemon comics 

The one came all the way to school on a hot sunny day even if it’s by bus just to send me my school books that I left at home

The one who taught me how to ride my bicycle,The one who cleaned my wound when I crashed my bike the next day

The one who would get up in the morning and make me his special Longan tea with egg and rock sugar for my birthdays…my 21st Birthday was the last time I had the taste of it…

The one who send me to school and sat next to me in the bus during the days when we dont own a car

The one who taught me every values and lessons which I need to know about life.

The one who will say ‘’Be good , you’re one year older , I wonder how many more years everyone can get to sit and eat together like now’’ , he said that every year during Reunion Dinner..

The one who drove the whole family on road trips during Chinese New Year, in fact he was the one who drove everyone everywhere..

The one would rather not eat and save all the good food for me

The one that I watch every Olympics, Commenwalth and badminton games with.
I was clueless most of the time, and he would explain to me about the players and the countries they represent. He did not make it to watch 2008’s Olympics and this year’s World Cup which was his favorite…

The one I hurt so badly when I grew up and turned into a rebellious monster

The one whose love I took for granted for all this years

The one who I scream and yell at when we had fights

The one who shed tears because of the hurtful things I’ve said when im angry…..

The one who I misses so much, the one who I cried thinking about before I close my eyes and sleep.

The one who suffers from pain alone because of the selfishness and ignorant of his family including me….

The one whom everyone said was a good man when they attended his funeral ….

The one and only Dad I had and need in my life…'Dta Jaa' ( dear grandpa in Thai )

Dear Ah Kong , there are many times when I got so angry I yelled at you and said I wish you’re not my grandfather, I wish I could take all that back now…I wish I could just tell you that I am sorry and I love you. There is not a single day I live where I don’t think about you. I miss you ..Happy Fathers Day ah kong.
 You are the Best Man in my life.

Not forgetting my Wondermum who has played the role of mum and also Dad for the past 24 years :) 

Of the Moment :  The Beatles - In My Life


Teresa said...

Fathers come in all shapes and sizes (and genders too!) Your grandfather and mother did a really great job raising you. Truly a moving post. Thank you for sharing.

kenwooi said...

that's sweet =)

v a m p i r e said...

thanks Teresa & Ken ♥

Dee said...

It's touching to read what you wrote in this post. Babe, you're not alone and I don't have to think about what to get on Father's Day. But hey, at least, you've got a grandfather to dedicate this to. :)

v a m p i r e said...

yea you're right D, i will learn to appreciate what i have and love all those who love me :)

She's Jess said...

Bitch you made me cry with your post.

And it reminded me of among us girls, I am the luckiest bitch to have both and yet, I take them for granted.

I miss you!

v!vi@n said...

this reminds me of my grandfather too...

jfook said...

A touching post!

Thristhan said...

Soo sweet :)

M-Knight said...

nice post...