Monday, 7 June 2010

Say Hello , Junie

Its JUNE ! so fast , tick tock tick tock .Well life is pretty much still the same , brand new job , with brand new pay and MORE spending.But, i read someone's tweet the other day which goes
'Retail Therapy- the more you spend the more things you get'
I think if a Genie could grant me a wish right now , i'd wish for a Super Big Built in closet to store all my clothes. Diet plan well goes downnn the drain . Im still fat and in denial lol so don't be fooled by my latest photos .

A big thanks to all my new followers, you guys make wanna write more good stuff. I don't think i'll write my emo stuff anymore well i hope i don't as i'm pretty sure nobody wants to read my never ending whining.Plus friends has begin to label my blog as an EMO blog .

Well girls , we wont be young forever , so dress to the nine , rock it and be fabulous ! The term over dress does not exist in my dictionary :)

Coco Chanel : 'There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. '


XOXO , Jasmine

Of the Moment : Tal Bachman- She's so high


crazymabelspy said...

i love the vintage bag =)

Dee said...

I love all the songs in your blog. :) always so sweet and melodious. brand new job, brand new pay. I wish to stay in the same job but with a brand new pay too. Wonders when will it happen... *dreamy*

v a m p i r e said...

thanks Mabel =) haha you're like the only one who noticed the bag and my friends are mocking fun at me because they said its Granny bag

Dee ,i miss you , thanks loads for reading =) ♥