Sunday, 19 September 2010

Au Revoir Sunday

How's everyone's weekend ?
I think i am now the happiest broke & penny less girl in town .
I kinda critically over spent this month , every where i go there is SALE sign hanging.
And me i can never resist buying stuff i don't need.
Gosh sometimes i feel that i am slowly turning into a shopaholic.

  But lucky i am not that person who is crazy about labels.
Well labels are just labels to me , honestly i am still young and underpaid so i can hardly afford it.
I don't understand people who rather starve just to wear / use expensive labels

Is it worth to go that extreme?
I have mutual friends who think that by wearing labels it makes them more superior than others.
Well to me its kind of a show off which is
Because behind all the so called glamor is a long statement of credit card bills from the bank.
AS for me
Mum says i should cut down on buying shoes and clothes as i already have ENOUGH in my closet.

But as i always say
Enough is never ENOUGH for a girl

Anyway i am pretty stuck with this song right now :)

♪ The sky is way bigger than I ever thought it could be
I really can't see where it ends
Clouds like bubbles in a sink touching my face
Makes me forget how to think


ching said...

i am not that crazy about labels too. but in time, when i get a job. :D
for the meantime, thrift stores are mine. haha

TheMadTwins said...

Oooh, what beautiful pictures ^__^
I love your dress. And i totally understand you. I keep also buying think, which I don't necessary need. XD I keep buying lovely thing. :3

The weekend is going great, I hope you have a lovely weekend too ^__^
I'm celebrating my older sisters birthday, we're going to eat chinese :) mmm... delicious =)

xxx London

TheMadTwins said...

ow yeah, about the label thing, I totally agree with you opinion ^__^I think it's stupid to wear it just because of the label! ^__^

Chubby-but-Lovely said...

I get what you mean by buying things that you don't need.
I do that a lot haha.
But mostly cheap stuff.

Chubby-but-Lovely said...

I just read your comment on my blog. I just wanted to say thank you and you are beautiful :D

nynga said...

I love your dress!

I'll never understand why people spend all their money either. I'm all about not spending a crap load of money on things I can get for a lesser price.

Marlene said...

awesome dress *__*

Ruby And Siel said...

beautiful print!

Rory said...

beautiful dress :) you look great!

Amber Blue Bird said...

You look so sweet and pretty in this outfit

Aimee said...

cute dress, awesome post :D xx

Matt said...

Super cute dress! I'm totally with you on labels! They don't really matter. Sometimes more expensive stuff is much better quality and will last a lot longer, but that's different. You can find cute stuff at any price! I try not to shop too much either, but we all have our weak moments! ;)

Signe said...

Lovely dress!

And I am not crazy about labels, I shop more at H&M that I do at any expensive stores, but it also happens that I spoil myself with something luxurious :)

YrMngldHrt said...

I love Those Dancing Days, they are all so cute!
My weekend was stressful, I was looking for a new flat mate and a lot of strange people were here to see the room :D
I don't care bout lables. I did when I was 13 to 16. Puberty, a difficult time ;) But now I know that's not important what you wear or where you get your clothes from. The main point is to feel good in what you're wearing :)

Barbara said...

I can't get the point of wearing labels just because of what "they mean".
For me anything that catches my eye will do, with label or not

vinda sonata said...

"I have mutual friends who think that by wearing labels it makes them more superior than others.
Well to me its kind of a show off which is unnecessary."

this is a very deep statement which is very powerful. i love this, vamp :)

anyway, you look so pretty in all the pictures. i love your floral dress and the tone of the editing.
you're good in applying eyeliner. i love those cat-eyes as well!!

gee said...

you look beautiful.
& i am not super crazy about labels..if i can afford it and it fits..i am all over it.
i loooooove shopping though!! :)

Michelle Chic said...

i don't own any labels, cuz i can't afford it, but i am definitely a shopaholic!

Lane :) said...

<3 you bow. its so cute!! :D

Eza Rashid said...

damn cute!nice lips

Jasmira Flower said...

I love dress and colour on Your lips- look sweet!

Cowbiscuits said...

Cute dress xx

SandraC said...

many silly ppl do think wearing labels makes them superior. my god, its like saying i put on a pair or wings and i'm God/ angel? wth!
Dont feel bad about buying the things u like, spend wisely tho! cute hairband i have one almost the same!

rebecca said...

oh, i'm such a sucker for sales too :( it's really not good! your dress looks so lovely (:

Tom said...

Oh you have such a beautiful lips, lika Angelina Jolie! Nice girl!

Emma said...

Ha, I know exactly how you feel - pay day is very much needed right now

You look so pretty in that picture, by the way! Lovely dress x

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I love your dress!!! It is soo pretty!

Justice Pirate said...

Oh yes indeed I love the movie Chances Are. It is one of my favourites with RDJ!!

Justice Pirate said...

this dress is so very pretty, by the way! I love the fabric print.

Marta said...

such adorable dress - feminine and so romantic as well!

becka said...

tnx for your comment, you look really pretty with this outfit.

Victoria said...

Hey Gorgeous, thank you so much for you comment on my blog, but you needn't worry I was away on holiday last week so I haven't been posting, but I have an update ready for tonight :)

I'm not interested in labels at all really, I prefer vintage, thrifted and sale pieces that are a bit unique.

Glad you've had a good time shopping and You look more than lovely in these pictures.

Have a great week chick! xxx

Dizzy said...

I'm the same way, labels are just labels.

Anonymous said...

Wearing labels definitely doesn't make you superior. Great clothes are great clothes, period.

Pink Lady said...

hey girl, thanks a lot for your comment! it really made my day!
it´s always nice to hear, that people like my pictures!!! thanks!

and i totally agree with you! i think that it doesn´t matter if a skirt (for example) is from an expensive label or from a thrift store! i also think that clothes from a thrift store are more beautiful and unique than clothes which thousands of other people also wear!!!

lovely pictures!!!

HanneeNz said...

Just found your blog and I am loving it! Will definitely follow to keep up with whats going on =)

hafidz said...

kali ini punya weekend, cuaca agak panas la disini.

susah mau jalan-jalan, huhu~ =P

Leonie said...

I love your hair- you're so pretty!

Miss Kiki Lovelace said...

Hellooo Vampire! :)) not crazy about labels either. For me, it doesnt matter what I wear for as long as am comfortable in it.....and no more shopping spree for you young lady! hihihi!

SMASH said...

Hey, I feel the exact same way about labels--I could care less about them! It's weird how people don't understand that they are often just paying for a name when they wear labels, or worse, they are just free advertising for whatever company is emblazoned on their body. Ayayay, no thank you!


Bad Taste Toast said...

Hahha I know exactly what you mean! I had this sale shopping overkill last month, I couldn't resist aswell :D
But you're right, labels are minor matter. I buy what I like, no matter what label it is or if it is any label at all.

But I also understand your mum, my mum said the same when I was younger because she didn't want me to exaggerate which is totally comprehensible ;)

amanda lynn? said...

that dress is so cute, you look so adorable. and im totally the same way when it comes to shopping. i can't resist a good deal!

Laura said...

I love Labels but I will buy them for as cheap as I can after all thats what thrift stores are for =) Totally love your style!!! Your blog is so charming =) thank you for visiting my blog and leaving all those sweet comments I agree with you 100%. And if you want to add a fall flair to your wardrobe that works with your climate, mix in a few pieces in cozy fall-like shapes that are made in light cottons, silks and linens. Since It doesn't start get cold until the end of October beginning of November here in Fl. thats what I tend to do. And I'm a bit of a shopaholic too nothing better than indulging in some closet expanding =)

char said...

that dress is gorgeous!
i like your blog :)


Isadora Filković said...

Oh, you look so beautiful in those photos!
And I absolutely adore Those Dancing Days :D


Laura said...

Jasmine you truly are so sweet thank you for letting me know you truly showed me once again, that a little kindness goes a long way =) Thank you again!!!
Laura =)

p.s. I wish I had your rad writing skills sometimes, as in a lot of the time i have a horribly hard time putting my thoughts into words.

CDG said...

I hate it when people just buy things because of the label. I'm usually more interested in people who don't spend much on clothes but manage to dress unique in their own way. Lovely dress. And you're so right, you can never have enough shoes. I think I'm on my way to becoming a shopaholic as well haha.

Darling L said...

Same thing happens to me, I'm thinking about it a lot, I MUST REDUCE! :) You look so beautiful and next weekend will be here sooner than you imagine :)

luC said...

nice blog ! I follow you :) you can too

with love luC :)

Lia Waroka Putri said...

yes me too!labels r not the best thing since Im still too young =) Somehow, the unbranded things r my favorite treasures!^^barbiejunk

Eri said...


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Theresia Natalie said...

nice dress! You look so pretty

Thanks for your useful advice.
I hope we can be blogger friends :)

Your blog is totally turning very good now
Hope I can do like that too :)

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Theresia Natalie said...

nice dress! You look so pretty

Thanks for your useful advice.
I hope we can be blogger friends :)

Your blog is totally turning very good now
Hope I can do like that too :)

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ARA said...

I know what you mean, I`m going broke also by overspending on clothes or beauty products :(.xx

Abi said...

I couldn't have said it better myself Jasmine! Sometimes enough is never enough is it?

I had a nice and relaxing weekend. A little bit of everything. Shopping, cooking, reading etc
You look so darking in that dress by the way!

Ania said...

Oh i want this dress :)

jamie-lee said...

very sweet outfits.. mm.. yes I see a sale sign and am instantly drawn to the store, it's terrible. Although usually I can't wait and have to have things straight away!

Victoria said...

Hey!! Thank you very much for your comments!

Well...You look stunning here, even if the outfit is very simple! I think the same way as many other people who don't really see the thing of buying expensive label clothes. Maybe they're an original and a very beautiful piece of art, then, I would make an effort to buy it for me. But if it isn't something I madly want, It doesn't worth it.

Thank you for following me, I really like your blog (:

somewhat nameless said...

I'm not big on labels either. I'm just as content with the inexpensive stuff. thrifting is the way to go. xx

Ivonne said...

Bleh, labels aren't too big for me either. Most girls at my school just wear the big brand labels so others can see that they have money. I usually buy stuff because it looks good, not for the label hahah :D

You dress looks lovely!


Stevia said...

to me labels are just labels!

love your cute little dress :)

thank you for visiting my blog
do come back soon

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

you look sooo pretty and i'm not a label person to be honest. florals look gorgeous on you =] hope you have a lovely day x

sweetdisposition said...

so gorgeous, i love the first photo of you! and i totally agree, after all- what's in a name? that shakespeare knew what he was talking about haha :] and booooo i'm sorry, work sucks. i was stuck in a cubicle all summer if that's any consolation & you can live vicariously through me!


Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

I think you should never get into debt over things like clothes, and certainly not just to wear labels. But sometimes I think with things like shoes that you could have for years, it's ok to buy labels... if you can afford it.

I never can so I don't worry too much. Still, I'd rather spend $100 on something really good quality than $20 on something so-so. What do you think?

GIVEAWAY on Ruby Slipper Journeys!

Krystal said...

I looove shopping too...oops :) When I start feeling like I need to stop then a new season is upon us with all new things!

Vintage and Cake said...

you have thee best nature pout BTW love it. Oh I hear you loud and clear, I am the same I just love seeing my closet over flowing with pretty things.

Well if people think that just wearing a label means you look great then go to the many celebrate 'worst dress'sites and lists, they always have a head to toe designer disaster on. It is very rare that you see someone in High street getting it wrong. Even most of the style icons love Topshop, river island. Weather you like designer or not, it's about weather you love something. If you don't love it why wear it. Your mum is like mine, they just don't want us to go without in other area's. Bless em.
PS ...thank you for your uber nice comments kitten, and I love your dress so pretty xxxxx

Anonymous said...

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Monique said...

That video is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Agustina Selviana said...

aaaa really love your dress! i love the colour of your photos, yey to vintage! <3<3

check my blog,dear :)

mirandolina said...

shopaholic isn't so bad :D
you have beautiful dress.

augustalolita said...

ooh girl, you look so beautiful!! and i love the dress you're wearing <3 thanks so much for following me on twitter :) to be honest, i dont know how to even use the damn thing lol :/ so how do i follow you back?

nrah. said...

love the dress!! :)


Ashleigh. said...

lovely blog.
in need of followers :)

jewel said...

i totally know what you mean. surely its the way you wear the clothes anyway, not where you got them from!? me and my friends all dress in charity shop finds now cause we're all so poor :')
x x x

Anonymous said...

wow, i love that dress! also, your header (and blog in general) is just beautiful! xx

Ayeisha said...

Your dress is beautiful!


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