Friday, 17 September 2010

FriYAY - My Third Award from Three Awesome Writers

Hi girls , sorry i have been a little lazy to update my blog . Because spending 8 hours in the office doing paper work ,typing reports and dealing with difficult clients totally worn me out. Sometimes i wish i have nicer things to write , more interesting things which is happening in life but sadly i have none. I have tried my best to stay true to myself through my writing. 

The other day someone said i must have been so happy to gained new followers from time to be honest i know by heart who are the people who really read and loves my blog just the way it is. Its not the matter of  how many followers i have. Because a blog may have 1000 followers but if only 100 are real readers who took the time and effort to really read a post , then i really don't see the point

Anyway i am still very thankful to all those who supported me .I will try my best to reply everyone's comment sorry if i have missed out any. 

Recently i have received my very Third award from 3 wonderful writers
  1. Amber of Amber Blue Bird
  2. That's So Yesterday
  3. Tiffany of Nynga + Bear
Do Check out their blogs , you wouldn't want to miss them out
This may sound cliche' but honestly i am so happy i can jump on my desk and dance now lol
I feel loved and appreciated 

I know most of the blogs i love already received this award,
My last tagged post i have tagged 12 girl friends
So this time around i would like to share to love for the girls i missed out
Therefore i would love to pass this award to a long long list of people whom i love

Joe of Joe's Blog
Nicole of Coco Maria
Darling L of Old Words And Vanilla Tea
Krystal of Sunday Photo
Becca of Becca's Daydreams
Emma of CircusBox
Marguerite Gisele of MARGUERITEGISELE
Carina of Bad Taste Toast
Amanda Lynn of Amanda Lynn?
Rebecca of Its Cohen
Lucy of Dear Fish

P/s I was suppose to pass to 12 bloggers only but since i have received one award from 3 bloggers i figure that its oh kay to tagged more than 12 friends

Here are the rules of the award:

1) Save the image above and post it to your own blog
2) Pass the award on to 12 fellow bloggers
3) Link the nominees
4) Let nominees know they have won this award by commenting on their blog
5) Share the love and link to the person you received this award from.

I promise i will come out with a new list of new friends the next time i receive an award


Jasmine Lee said...

Love this post and I'm happy to hear you are staying true to yourself in your writing. You definitely deserve the sunshine award dear!


happy friday!

xoxo, jaz

Michelle Chic said...

congratz on the award! and hope that everything goes well at work!

Amber Rose said...

You are an absolute doll. It's easy to lose track of your inspirations for writing and to struggle for good things to write about-- happens to me all the time. :)

Good job on the award dear.

Nicole said...

You totally deserve that award! Congratulations :)
And thanks so so much for passing it along to me <3

Matt said...

Congratulations on getting the award 3 times over!! That's cool! And thanks for passing it on to those other great blogs and me too! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

Signe said...

Congrats on your (tripple!) award and thank you so much for passing it on to me :)
That is a very cute picture of you btw!

Have a lovely weekend!

Joe's blog said...

Congratulations and thank you SO much!
You deserve every award, you are such a kind and thinking person. I'm proud to be one of the first followers who dicscovered your blog between millions.
I hope you never stop blogging. I want to have you around me in this blogsphere until I'm 70 and I'm sure, I'll come to Kuala Lumpur someday to visit you.

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

Thanks Jasmine! That is so sweet of you! Glad to hear you're thinking about getting a tattoo, swallows would be lovely! I always like tattoos on people's shoulders and the insides of their wrists. Have a lovely weekend!

Becca said...

Hey hun, awwwww well done on your award.
You really deserve it. You have such a lovely blog and you do really well with it.
Thankyou so much for passing the award to me, I really really appreciate it.
Always love recieving your comments.



Jas Hello dear, I'm so happy to have chosen me! Wonderful. Yes I'll post your beautiful seal and move to other bloggers ok?
one thousand kisses

Aimee said...

Congrats on the award! Thanks for the awesome comment as well :) xx

Nikki said...

OH congrats on the award! :)

Lovely picture:)


Bad Taste Toast said...


Thanks dear for tagging me! That's an award I haven't got yet :-)

I'll blog about it as soon as I have the time.

Happy Friday! :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

Wow 3 awards at once! Lucky lady! :)

Vintage and Cake said...

Hay thank you for all your lovely comments Jasmine :P So sweet of you, and well done, 3 award go girl. I love what you said about followers, I would much rather comments because than you know it's being read. You have a great blog hunni and I would say you are one of my blog buddies.

Oh I miss working, I am a full time mum (yes I do have a son BTW :P I laughed at the young comment) I'm 27 so young ish. Hope that you have a great weekend and work get's a bit more fun and a lot less stressful.

I could not go out today, felt so poo I may try going there tomorrow (Covent garden). What are you up to this weekend, something nice I hope ? Thank you for all your support and you have mine always xxxxxx

Well done again xxxxxxx

SusuanaLove said...

Well done :) xx

nynga said...

3 awards. Huzzah! :)
You know, I agree with the the readers. I feel very appreciative of people who read my blog AND I always love to read other people's blog (yours included). So, thanks for the shout out! You deserve your awards!

TheGirlWithTheCurls said...

This is such an amazing that you're passing on the award to your fellow amazing bloggers. have just started following you.can't wait to read more x x x

rebecca said...

awww, thank you! (: and well done on receiving the award to begin with

Cecilie said...

I do really love your top with flowers!! ;)

Maravilhosa said...

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Ania said...

Great blog ;)

Marlene said...

love this post :)
i've got that necklace too :D ♥

xoxo Marlene

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

you are so right, the number of followers mean nothing, its the number of readers that means something. Anyways congrats on the award.

Ali said...

Oh I know, isn't it so much funner when you make little relationships rather than having 600 followers whom you never talk to? :) I so agree with you there!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

"Because a blog may have 1000 followers but if only 100 are real readers who took the time and effort to really read a post , then i really don't see the point"

I QUOTE THAT. gosh thank you for pointing that out, now I know one more person that actually agrees with me. I've seen people who are all "hey check out my blog, I'll follow you if you follow me." what the heck. it's like making fake friends. :/
I never want to sound rude though, sorry if anyone reading this comment of mine feel in any way offended, I'm just saying what's on my mind, :)

congratulations on the award, cute little vampire! geez, 3 people actually awarded you this, amazing! :D

Marlene said...

Oh thank you ♥♥♥
but can you pls tell me how this blogaward works ? :)
i'm new to this

Cherie said...

your blog is like candy!
so so so cool and fresh!
like it!

Jasmira Flower said...

Congratulations!!! You look beautifull at the picture!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

i know right, it begins to seem like they blog for followers. i think it's fair enough to say that they're bribing people to follow them, because hey if you'll follow me then I'll do the same to you. I don't see the point, does it really feel the same way to have people follow you because they sincerely and actually like you, and to have them follow you just because you promise to follow back without knowing whether or not you are really adored. :/

anyway, your compliment is so flattering, I can't thank you enough for that :)

have a nice nice nice day, sweetheart!

Marguerite Gisele said...

congratulations, you deserve every single award you get!

thank you so much for thinking of my little blog, that means a lot to me...I'm so new to things like that, hopefully I will be able to do it right ;)

Hope you're having a relaxing weekend after all that work!

YrMngldHrt said...

Oh wow, my first award! Thank you so much! I'm so happy!
At the moment I don't have enough time for my blog but in the future I will try to write more in Englisch, so that you have more to read on my blog ;)

Anonymous said...

I am following you despite the fact that you address all your readers as "girls".
I too love the smell of old books, which is why I loathe KINDLE.
A book should be touched, it's pages turned. It is a treasured possession to be passed on, not downloaded and erased.
I also believe a book read in public can lead to a conversation with a stranger, something that will never happen if the book is read on an iPad, nobody can see the cover.
X David, NYC

Emma said...

You lovely thing, you! Thank you, I really appreciate it :) You deserve the exact same, congratulations x

Cristi said...

Congratulations! You look really cute on the first picture by the way! Love the Eiffel Tower necklace!

xx Cristi

RiCh said...

great toootalll!!!..

besootes guapa!

Booga said...

Love your Eiffle Tower necklace. I think it's okay to have just plain regular days. What else would we have to juxapose the crazy/awesome/dramatic/eventful days against?

Congrats on the awards. :)

Dizzy said...


Anonymous said...

I absolutley agree & love this post.

ARA said...

congrats on your award dear and I hope work will be less busy and stressful. xx

agatheloff said...

Really interesting post

TheMadTwins said...

Thank you so much. I hadn't the time to read it till now, but it's sooo kind if you ^__^
ow, you made my day so great!
Ieeeeee n__n
I'm soo happy :)
thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...

I will certainly put the picture on my blog, en give others a beautiful reward ^__^

Hugs & Kisses from London =D

Abi said...

You look beautiful in that photo!
Congratulations on the triple award, and thanks so much for passing the award onto me :)
It's definitely important to stay true to yourself with your writing. Did you get up on the desk to dance? I dare you to do it! Haha!

Isadora Filković said...

Congrats on the award lovely!
And THANK YOU so much for giving me one as well :D


Krystal said...

thank you for the award lady!!! thanks for dealing with my absence and leaving such nice comments, you're an awesome blog friend ;)

Anonymous said...

t's such a great site. fanciful, quite interesting!!!




Signe said...

Haven't heard from you in ages now, hope you are allright ;)


Anonymous said...

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- Daniel

Anonymous said...

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