Monday, 8 February 2010

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Love is the the sweaty palms when you first hold his hand , the butterflies in your stomach , the tingles on your back, the songs in the radio , the bus rides after school , the name scribbled on your note , , the sweet talk , the beat of your heart, the sound of his voice , the ugly shirt he wore , the video games he played , his stupid hair cut, the long conversations over the phone , the blue sky , the starry nights, the ' theme' song , the silly fights , the make ups , the smell of his hair , the letters you kept in a shoe box, the last name carved on your class desk , the thrill riding behind his bike when you're 16 , the kisses on your forehead , the dreams and hopes , the innocence , the photographs in your wallet, the blush on your cheeks , the late night chats , the smiles for no reasons , the giggles when you tells your friends about him , the promises , the red staints of Skittles candy on your tongue , the plush toy he won for you in an arcade game , the introduction to his friends , the bands he liked , the sundae cone , the picture of a perfect wedding, the innocent thoughts of spending the rest of life with him , the silly faces he made to make you laugh after he made you cried, the unexplained feeling you had which you never had for anyone...

Love is the the expensive phone bills , his addiction to drugs, the ugly fight , the tears on your cheek , the screaming and yelling, the cut on your wrist, the tear in your heart , the cheating , the sound of glass crushed into tiny pieces, the overdose of painkillers , the smudged eyeliner , the messed up hair , the crap food diet , the over consumed breathe of cigarettes , the thought of suicide , the calls from his ex , the headaches, the hung over, the crying session in the washroom while you're friends are on the dance floor, the absence in class, the wet shoulder of your friend , the rain in the evening, the dark sky , the insanity , the memories which you cant erase,the blood on your scars , the fragile label on you broken heart , the ache you felt that no Doctor can explain , the waking up in the middle of the night , the hopeless waiting , the false hope , the denial , the urge of screaming on your bed, the ripped off photographs , the anger , the wound which remains with, the lies , the torn letters, the stupid love song in the radio , the introduction to his new girlfriend , the names calling , the hatred , the loathe , the ugly faces , the middle finger

Love is the pain which numbs you and you know you will never feel the same way again

I am heartless because i have learned all that i need to know about love, I guess its more than enough

of the moment: Fake Plastic Tree - Radiohead

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