Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ice Balls

I've been craving for Ice ball since i read an article about our Famous Penang Road Chendol from a food blogger what2see . I dont think kids nowadays have a clue about whats that. Lol In fact myself i only had it once many many years back when im around 8/9 , i cant even remember anymore.

But i remember it clearly that there's a stall selling cold ice balls with rose syrup ''ang t'hng' outside the clinic in Anson Road. My grandma bought one for me, its just like ice kacang but instead of served in a bowl its made into a round shape and coated with sweet red syrup, Its Sooo GOood ! My Ah Chor's house is located somewhere nearby in Jalan Lim Eow Thoon.And i remember that night was the Hungry Ghost Festival , the Anson Road market place is crowded from kids to old folks from the neighbourhood, everyone went to watch the ' Ko Tai ' ( free performances to entertain the souls and 'hungry ghosts' ) as well as traditional opera and puppet shows
There are many stalls selling tit bits and Super Thng ( a chinese dessert ) . I love those days ..i wish i could go back.

Back to the story, The Famous Cendol Stall in Penang , Even though it was really crowded, the Uncle was kind enough to make me 5 ice balls to go, it cost 90 cent each ! But the memories it brings back to every adult is priceless..

Here comes the best part

At the age of 24, i'm still a big kid on sugar rush , it brings a big smile on my face to hold the cold ice ball on my hand , it makes me feel like i'm 8 again ..I love my Penang

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stty said...

my friend's mom is the foood bloggerrr weyyyy... so cool right her bloggg :) i like the chendol better though, ice ball fan :P

v a m p i r e said...

what? world is so small ! your friend had a cool mum lol