Monday, 1 February 2010


B|1tz says:
(Name has been removed) like u or not?

Nama saya Jasmine says:
i dont think so
just friends i guess
normal friends

B|1tz says:
i dun think ( Name has been removed )like u loh
he got gf d

Nama saya Jasmine says:
sure or not, if got he sure will tell me

B|1tz says:
i saw him ma NYE that time
why must he tell u?

B|1tz says:
anyway... i dun think ( NAME HAS BEEN REMOVED ) will like u lar
he just treat u as his ren only
i know la
he's my fren takkan i dunno meh

Nama saya Jasmine says:
i never say he will like me
i never expect him to like me as well

B|1tz says:
good loh
go to phuture get some guys lar
to become ur bf
can choose somemore ler

Nama saya Jasmine says:
i am not desperate i don't need one

of the moment: Portions for Foxes - Rilo Kiley

This song is the best way to describe how i felt right now..Ouch

1 comment:

stty said...

HUGS! guys are jerk, lets kick em! :)