Thursday, 1 July 2010

Oh Fudge, Its July

Knock knock July,

Whoah can u believe it 6 months has passed in the blink of an eye. Kinda scary huh, well maybe not for you but I am totally freaking out now. And oh well just for your information ehem, tomorrow is my fucking birthday, pfffft the figures goes up each year , someone please define HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! You must be sick in the head if getting older makes you happy.

Lets hope I have the inspiration to write nothing but good stuff for the days to come

I’ve chosen Tim Myer’s Beautiful World as my new featured song this month. Boy trust me I was having a hard time deciding between Macy Gray’s Don’t Forget Me , Straylight Run’s Words We Say ( Acoustic version ) or this. So in the end I pick this song because Its less depressing.And as for my new music addiction, I am really into Mumford and Sons and The National lately. Both are really awesome indie bands that you totally need to check out.

Fashion wise, I think I am Cotton On’s no 1 Customer! I'm like a kid walking into a candy store.I bought 3 dresses in the same design but different colors and prints, not forgetting 4 pairs of shoes and 4 high waist skirts just to regret it because everyone has the same thing! Like what the Fudge.

It makes me wanna pawn on them and claw off their clothes hahaa, Thank God I am not wearing any particular pieces each time I bumped into all my long lost identical twins.Don’t you just hate to step out from the house feeling good, Assuming you’re such a fashion genius then had to hide behind a pillar to save yourself from embarrassment when someone else is wearing the exact outfit. Bonkers…I guess I should learn from the phrase ‘Never follow the trend, Start the trend’! This will be me my fashion mantra from now.

Last but not least thanks to all my Tragic Readers, lol if there is any out there. I like living in denial so I am assuming that at least one or two friends will drop by sometimes haha.But its OK if nobody does, its not like the end of the world if no one gives a shit about what I wrote. I don’t really care anyway.


Ohh Kaay ITS NOT OK, I’ll cover my head with blanket and cry if nobody reads this hahaha

With Your Tragic Writer,

Of the Moment : Vivian Girls - Moped Girls

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Anonymous said...

you go girl... be more positive and learn to love your life although sometime it does gives you loads of shits

just dropping by... ciaoz