Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Fascinating New Thing - Vol II

Just another typical Sunday night out with my girlfriends when my hp rang and it was an SMS from him.As usual , its all thrashing each other and endless crap talking

This is a part of it

I say
: I hate Mondays , I wish your God could just erase it

He say: Ah Monday blues, then you're gonna say u hate Tuesday to and God should erase it right..Dont be so lame la,please.

I say: Please go and suck your own short dick ! By the way i 've changed my mind .Your God
can keep Monday and ERASE YOU instead, in that way i'll love everyday

He say: LoL, God ain't that stupid my dear, God cares for your feeling, dun wancha to be sad
everyday without me, entertaining you and telling you things that people dont dare to
to tell you

I say: Yes dear, your God loves me too much so he made you as a TOY for me, but too bad
He ter-made you cacat and useless..and you're still here because i pray to him everynite
hoping that he wont Destroy you YET ! so be cocky while u can ya, clock is ticking

He say: Whateever makes you happy my dear, we all know God love smart and cute people

I say: Thanks ! I know you meant me when u said smart and cute :) One day you'll be smart
and cute too when u realize you cant talk and shit at the same time with your mouth

He say: I dont want to be cute - UGLY BUT ADORABLE ? No thanks . Keep it for yourself.I can
I can shit and talk at the same time now

I say: oh my god..How did i ever let someone as rotten as u to exist
in my life at first place

He say: Ok Ok let you win this time, dont be sad k, i scare you cant sleep , cause i want you to
sleep well

I say: Pity win ? I dont need it..I rather lose with dignity

He say: The thing is you got no Dignity

I say: I hate you , yes YOU !

He say: I know you love me , just keep the victory,You're welcome you should go and sleep
now, it's late d

and our crap talking went on and on....till he stop replying...

2 hours later he send me a text and hope that i'm asleep by then..

Actually i'm still awake that night, thinking bout things he said ...which really really makes me laugh..But then..i did not reply..because ..well..because i think i kinda like .....See obviously im delirious and there's no way im letting myself fall for him..Its ridiculous and its so not gona happen

ARGH what is this funny felling inside ?

of the moment : Lykke Li - Little Bit


Anonymous said...

You still miss him don't you :)


Anonymous said...

you like him don't you