Tuesday, 25 August 2009


No Matter What You Say , I'm Still PRETTIER THAN YOU ..you're most welcome

Some idiot actually commented on a candid fugly photo which my bestie tagged me in Facebook...

She's like-'OH finally this is the Jasmine that i know cause previously your profile photos don't look like you at all '

FUNNY , the last time i've checked you're just a nobody back in junior high school..But Oh Kay i'm not gonna be so mean and show you my beautiful claws..

The thing is u haven't seen me in 8 years..How the hell are u gonna assume that i still look like the 15 year old me who knows nothing about make up or fashion ( but i must admit i look Ugly Betty back then , ) But hey i still have alot of friends ! And you just had your bunch of ugly geek friend

Im like totally..DUHHHHH...please think before u speak...

Plus why are u so jealous ? People changed , you changed too ..Judging from your new photos that you've just uploaded in Facebook, I Would really love to comment

''OH u look fucking great girl ! finally u paint your face with some colours,Cause u look like you're seriously ill back in school...well you know..your pale face and you dont have much to say right..cause you're just a wallpaper which nobody knows''

By the way is that your boyfriend or you dad? OH...so i heard he's a photographer right??? Whats his name again?? Oh MR AND MISS NOBODY..you guys are a perfect match ! How COOOOL is that ..

But im not as shallow as you..so i'll just let you be :)

of the moment : Lykke Li - I Dont Mind


Jess said...

wei i totally agree with u! i'm sure almost every single person change after leaving high school, and most of us change to the better look-wise!

of course la, we grow up, learn the art of "painting", plus we didn't get to "paint" our faces in school even if we already have the skill!

i don't know about that idiot, but i for one am definitely jealous of how u look now! haha!

v a m p i r e said...

Yea..im like so pissed ..cause i dont mind seriously if she wana say that my FB photos dont look like me..cause its OK..who is so silly to post up their ugly photos and show the whole world ! The thing is the way she says it...ARGHHH..whatever ..

hahaha Ah Jhang how can i not love you, i think you're the only people who really read my crap..thanks !

eh dont be crazy la..im still the same old me..haven't change much..

hwa said...

You are so bad talk until like that, I can feel that someone is weeping in the toilet after read your blog haha!

She's Jess said...

I read yr blog always too la.

Who the fuck is IT? I know her or not?

Anonymous said...


I love your attitude ! u speak your mind

v a m p i r e said...

Mun yi later i tell who is she..u know her as well la..

-GiNo- said...

siapa tu.....???
ur junior o....

v a m p i r e said...

Gino- no la not my school junior..not from CLS

she's a super old school mate from my schooling days in KL