Friday, 21 August 2009

Only Fools Rush In

''We can close our eyes to not see things that we don't want to see , We can shut our mouth when we don't want to say things that we don't mean , We can cover up our ear so we wont have to hear things we don't want to know..But we can't lock our hearts up from feeling feelings that we are trying so hard to not feel..''

You cursed and swear and point your middle finger when u had that feeling of your head battling with your heart, and suddenly everything in this fucking world makes no sense..You swore its not gonna happen..u try to run and hide..then out of all the people who walk in and out in your life..You see the one and only face that can tear all your logic apart

That's when u realize...


of the moment : Girl in a Coma - Ven Cerca ( on repeat like madness )


Anonymous said...

its so true and i love the way you write

by the way i really think you're so cool

mind to give me your email add so i can get to know more of you


Anonymous said...

and by the way i hope you get what you want..with the only person who can tears all your logic apart , you're so beautiful , he must be very lucky

Anonymous said...

hope to hear from you soon alright !

v a m p i r e said...

thanks ..but too bad my mum says no talking to no way..u dont have to know me more..