Wednesday, 19 August 2009

H1N1 ?

Everyday u read about it in the paper, u watched in on news..the mamak is talking about it the mak ciks mak ciks are bragging it outside their houses..and even kids knew about it..H1n1 this..H1N1 that..its not that i'm in ignorance..but come on..Give it a little break..Yea Yea people is dying i know..

BUT the issue i wanna write is about face mask ..yea the stupid 'MASKED RIDER' trend

Last weekend while out in Midvalley Megamall , i noticed

70% of the shoppers there are wearing face masks..its like shopping in wonderland..Cause everywhere i turn there's 'Ninjas , Power Rangers and Masked riders !

1st - If you're so afraid of the virus then STAY AT HOME

Cause you guys look so stupid in it..and some went out in groups..and its like so hilarious cause you think its cool huh ?

Secondly- Why bother to make the line in the cashier longer? ( STAY AT HOME )

Please Stay at home la pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee....SO scared then dont come out! STAY AT HOME

of the moment : Get set go- I hate everyone

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