Monday, 1 March 2010

Oh Monday

I hate Mondays , because its the brand new week, but same old routine, same old piles of crap on your work desk, My only motivation is by telling myself , its only 4 more days to Saturday !
YaY? I'm so Lame...

Im going to be cheesy ( start humming Sound Of Music : My Favorite Things ) and think of my favorite things that can make me happy , 1.50 pm in the afternoon , here i am blogging ( Boy , i'm a 'hardworking' employee )

Hmm, what are the things i like

The sight of books stacked up in bookstores, i never really like reading though , i just love the fancy covers and the sight of it
Gummy bears , colorful sugar coated chewy candies
Good acoustic music
Banana Pancakes with chocolate chip
Lying down and watch the clouds , feel the wind with my hand
Watching a good movie with caramel popcorn
A good pair of vintage handbag
Blowing soap bubbles
Waking up in the morning and laze on my bed till its time to eat
The smell of fresh pastry from a bakery
Saturdays !
Chocolate cheese cake from Secret Recipe
Riding bicycles
Spinning gumballs machine and wait to see what color i get
Skittles candies , red ones especially
Compliments from people
American breakfast with sunny sides up , beef bacon , and butter toast

I can name a million simplest things that can make me happy
Once in a while we gotta push away the thoughts that we're adults with commitments, because to be happy is to find the kid inside of us, A child don't need any reasons to be happy :)

Quote of the Day : I'll Paint rainbow over your blues

of the moment: Sugartown- Nancy Sinatra