Monday, 29 March 2010

Jasmine Boleh !

This week will be my last week working in Phileo Damansara , So by then i swear i'm gonna change my whole freaking wardrobe even if my mum is gonna kill me.
New job , new peers, new dresses , new bags and shoes !

Sometimes i gave myself a 100 reasons to live in denial that its ohkaay to dress like crap just because i woke up extremely late in the morning , or when my clothes are piling in the laundry basket because i am lazy. Its Not OK and i wont let it happen anymore

Been reading way too many vintage fashion blogs lately , i think im gonna end up broke or crazy trying to look as good as all those fashion bloggers ! But alas i just wanna be me , i might not be original but at least ...well i wont use the word copycat , i prefer to the word 'Inspired'
Plus i've always had this special love for vintage fashion i just never really know how to put all the pieces together and rocks it !

One more thing , i've been drooling for this , :(

Olympus Pen E-P1

And as for the boy , i 've decided that he's no big deal after all . Not that i don't like him , i just felt that its time to end all this madness. There's a weird pleasure in wanting things that i cant get but its getting way too foolish , it starts to makes me sick of myself .

I will be BACK with the NEW ME !

of the moment: Never Forget You-The Noisettes

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