Wednesday, 10 March 2010

l'amour peut-être

Will you say you like someone when you don't really know that person ? ( its like you felt that you knew him but at times you felt like you hardly know what kind of person he is at all )

And will you like someone who is so near yet so far, It seems so unreal , or should i say it is Unreal . Weird huh ? Makes no sense right. What am i saying..

Will someone actually like you for who you are? Someone who made you flawless by accepting all your flaws ? Or such love only existed in chick flicks. All guys are shallow , so stop creating imaginary Mr Perfect.


Will u say u like someone that you know you're not gonna see just because you've changed and you're afraid that you're gonna screw things up and he wont like you as the way you are right now. Have you ever feel not good enough for that person?

What kind of nonsense is all this ? I don't know why am i writing this at first place ..Crazy confusing crap..And please excuse my bad grammar, its getting rusty

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