Thursday, 11 March 2010

Itsy bitsy wishlist

My wishlist

I wanted my own DSLR , but its way beyond my budget So I've decided to Get BlackBirdFly
, At least then i can re activate my Tumblr with my own collection of photographs

Still hunting for my vintage photo locket ..I regretted not getting the one i saw in Diva last December , not forgetting to mention it was in the bargain corner ! sigh

This is the heart shape photo pendant that Fang got me :) Thanks
I've inserted my late grandparents wedding photo in it

Still searching for Dead Poet's Society and Cruel Intentions DVD :(

Thinking of changing my current Sony mp3 player to a 16gb one ( 4gb is never enough for me ) In my current work desktop, i think i had almost 5000 songs ! Believe it !

Feel like getting a new tattoo, i already had the picture in mind ..Its gonna be a black bird , its either a swallow or robin . And i want it so badly on my wrist , but then on second thoughts i might have it above my ankle. Or maybe gotta have it somewhere else less visible just in case if im going to try my luck to become an flight attendant again

Inspired by this . But i wont get the exact same thing of course

At the same thing i hope i score my new job , just went for interview this morning.
The interviewer seem impressed but cross fingers !

of the moment: Do The Panic - Phantom Planet
( Gosh i love this song )


MushiCat said...

Remember to tell me when you go to get one :D

v a m p i r e said...

Of course i will show off haha